We need more Monday holidays.

That’s right. I love holiday’s that land on Monday’s. It makes for a long weekend AND a 4 day work week. And I love having “banker’s hours”. Nevermind the fact that I actually do work for a bank…for now. At least until I’m a full-time blogger/runner/gym rat. 😉

So. I did manage to get in a little 4 miler today.



Literally 10 minutes after I ate lunch with The Hus at his work cafeteria. His hospital has the best cafeteria ever. I love love love their salad bar. And the fact that they have stone fired pizzas. But it was just a mega salad for me today.


You can’t tell, but there are about 10 layers of veggies on this salad. They have every veggie possible on their salad bar.


Yes, I was slightly worried about running right after eating, but I was actually ok!



Not speedy gonzalez, but surviving is what matters right?!

IMG_1517 IMG_1518


(P.S. These are one of the fleece lined pants I just bought and let me just say: they are my new winter ‘all-the-time-pants’. SO soft, warm, and comfy.)


And then right after my run, since we were out of coffee creamer so I didn’t drink any coffee (yes, I’m back on creamer folks. 😦 ), I made a little detour to Sbux. Sometimes you just gotta waste $5 on a  fancy coffee  drink.



This is right outside our front door. Why yes, yes I do walk right through this pile of leaves everyday…



Last but not least, I’m thankful today for:

~ Phillipi’s psychiatrist. If I haven’t told you before, Philco is the real deal bipolar. God bless him. (Yes, it’s a serious thing and no laughing matter, but we have learned how to laugh at it and all the chaos and predictability that comes with it. If you can’t laugh about the “crap”, this world will eat you up and spit you out.) And so he had an appointment this morning and asked me to go with him. Well, his Doc told him about 6 things that I’ve been preaching to telling him he needed to do EVERYDAY! Thank you! Maybe he will listen to his Doc because he sure as heck doesn’t like to listen to his bossy, know-it-all wife!  😉

Have a great rest of the day my friends! Now get out there and get that heart-rate up! 😉


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