I screamed & probably woke the neighbors up.

Yes. As I was walking in the door tonight, at 9pm, The Hus was standing behind it and jumped out at me. I literally screamed a death-like scream. And probably loud enough to wake up all the neighbors and make all dogs start barking and cats run to a nearby window. Roxy came running down the stairs yelling at him and asking if I was ok.

Well, we survived yet another round of spinning last night and kickboxing tonight. Thank the heavens it wasn’t a sauna in there either night! Although he did ask if we wanted the heat on because it was so cold outside…Yes, heat would be nice this time of year, but not when we are about to start a “warm-up” that lasts 25 minutes and includes kicks and squats. There is always this part of class, right around 25 minutes into class, when you are soaked with sweat, beat red, and looking at the clock wondering if you are at least half done with class, where he yells, “Your done with your warm-up!” Oh sweet! Now we’re gonna get to the REAL workout!

Blonde woman kicking punching bag


Two more days at my job until I start in another department on Monday! I’m excited, but will miss my team. 😦 My bosses are taking me to lunch tomorrow, so it’ll be a good “wasted-and-do-nothing-at-work” day…my choice for lunch too… Chipotle it is! Although it will probably end up being a bad idea because it’s Thursday and it’s strength. We shall see. Might have to drag a trash can next to my bench. :/

Anyone have any good plans for the weekend??





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