How to get a J Lo booty in less than 10 minutes.

Figure 8 bands. No joke. Go get yourself one – I mean, if you want a J Lo booty. I already have one. The band, that is. Until tonight. Now I have both the figure 8 band AND the J Lo booty.

These are a couple of the techniques…WITH a figure 8 band around your feet for both, of course.

butt-kicks-212x300 tripodkick

K. Enough about J Lo. Moving on.

I had a little flutter of excitement when he said no squats during the warm-up and no push-ups, but i’m not sure why I had some excitement because that never = easier. Usually it’s harder. No, there were NO push-ups, which is fine by me! But my shoulders are more sore than they would have been WITH push-ups! And we definitely made up for no squats during the warm-up…

Once again, I’m sore and I love it. I’m a glutton for pain torture hard workouts.



At the end, he told us that we could eat whatever we wanted now, so Philco and I went to “our little bar” and I totally devoured a fish sandwich. And now it’s one of these kinds of nights…





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