Well hellllooooo shoulders, armpits, hips, butt, and thighs!

I’m feelin’ it now baby! And tomorrow morning I’m gonna keep the pain going! My motto: if your not hurting from your workout, it’s not working and you didn’t workout hard enoguh. Probably not a totally valid motto, but it’s mine and I don’t care if its true or not.

Took a day off working out today, but don’t fret because I made sure to replace a workout with something just as equally healthy. Wine. Don’t look at me like that! Wine is healthy for you! I mean, the base is grapes after all! Hellooooo!



Rachel and I did the Whole Foods 5 at 5 tonight. Then pizza afterwards of course. She’s a pizza lover just as much as me. We both tried a new one – they had a pizza with hummus instead of red sauce and all kinds of veggies. It was yum! I brought some home and of course The Hus had to try it. But I didn’t tell him at first that it was hummus because he doesn’t like hummus…after his first and only bite, I let him in on the secret.

photo 1


Guess I don’t have to worry about those leftovers disappearing! Ha!

It was still early by the time I got home so PS2 wanted to “get out and about”. We ended up walking through the mall and then Tar-jay.

Philco: “Let’s go walk around the mall.”

Me: “Ok. Lemme change out of my jeans and put on some running clothes first.”

photo 4



Happy weekend! 🙂




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