We got a little crazy today.

My mom and I went to Total Body Conditioning this morning from 9:15 – 10:15. THEN went to the park. Our arms and shoulders were soooooo sore from Thursday so when we started arm stretches in the warm-up, there was much pain to be felt. Beth is who teaches this class and I have decided that she is just as crazy hard as Alexander. They must’ve had a little pow-wow this week and decided to cause everyone’s arms to fall off between his strictly strength workout and her total body conditioning workout. We actually ran into another mother/daughter duo in a store later today who also go to these classes, and they asked if we could move our arms. We said no. They couldn’t either. We will all see each other on Monday at the gym for more.

At the park, I ran 5 miles and she walked 4.

IMG_1553 IMG_1554

This weather must make everyone happy to be on the running trail because everyone either waved back to me when I waved or they actually SMILED! (And no, I didn’t pass like 1 or 2 people…there were actually a lot of people at the park today!)


Told ya I don’t like to be all matchy matchy. I think pretty much every color is covered here. Except red. (P.S. LOVE this Fila fleece pullover! I mean, it’s not fleece, but it’s fleece-lined. Kinda thin, but perfect for today. And it has the thumb holes. Sold.)


After the park, Boyzzz was hungry and wanted to take us out to eat. Awww….we went to Red Robin. My mom and I shared the garden burger and a mint brownie milkshake. Oh man was that a good milkshake! It would definitely bring all the boys to the yard.


As my mom was loading our dishwasher tonight, she found that someone (Phillipi) likes the chocolate peanut butter a little…


Even the knives in her other hand were covered in chocolate pb…sidenote: who leaves anything on the spoon or knife anyway??? Not me!


Got my Bulu box  today! Four of the 5 things are not going to let me down. I just know it. The 5th, is Power Bar gel and since I’m not into the gels really, I don’t know if I’ll even try it…  :/


Really excited to try these energy chocolate tabs and beauty bursts for hair, skin and nails.


And now it’s movie night with PS2 and The Mom – White House Down and The Imposter.

How’s your weekend??

Any crazy hard workouts today?

Do you subscribe to any monthly boxes?


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