Let’s catch up.

Sunday: Was aiming for a 10-miler, but about 20 seconds into my run, my legs started yelling at me. It was then and there I decided 5.5 was doable. Really hard with legs that were filled with lead, and wind that made it feel as if I was pushing a wall as I was running, but doable.



It was supposed to rain and storm all day, so I wore my rain jacket (it’s lightweight and has no lining), but it never did rain during my run. But it sure as heck did NOT feel like 61! More like 45 with the winds!



After my run, I showed the foam roller some love. It felt bad good.



These – Energems chocolate mint caffeine “candies” – are really good and gave me a burst of energy before my run. Thank you, Bulu box.



Tonight I took off from working out because I knew I had laundry to do and it’s my first day of “being a good wife” and cooking an actual dinner that is something other than pizza, tacos, or pasta & meatballs. Veggie lasagna it is – request made by PS2 of course.



Why yes. The recipe DOES include drinking a glass of wine while cooking. Doesn’t every recipe include that?!



Recipe to come soon!


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