Just a few bullets for the day.

~ Tuesday: 60 minute cycle class…endurance ride…lots and lots of speeeeeeed = lots and lots of sweat and shortness of breath. Survived. √

~ Wednesday: Supposed to go to boxing at the gym, but since the sun was shining and it wasn’t -20, The Mom and I went to the park. I ran the 4 miles as hard as my frozen, numb feet could go and then slowed down for the other .25 backtracking to meet my mom and finish walking the trail with her. It was dark and I need to work harder getting her into some NEON colors. Black is not good when it’s black out. Just sayin’. (And since my mom is now following my blog, i’m going to hear about this one tomorrow. 🙂

photo 2 photo 3


~ Happy lunch time = runners world, women’s running, and a salad. Can’t wait til 1:00 tomorrow!

photo 4 (1)


~ Christmas list for The Hus is complete and laying by his wallet. Probably should’ve given it to him months ago so that he could get a 2nd job to provide for all.my.needs.wants. (That kinda makes him sound bad now that I’m typing that – he really does provide for us well – but ya know, i’m a girl. And a runner. And I love a lot of things. And I need a lot of things. I mean, I suppose I don’t really need them all, but a Shark Steamer and gift cards to Dicks would make me want to iron (his) clothes and get in better shape (for him)…just sayin’.)


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