This post needs no introduction.

I think we’re all familiar with Thursday night posts. Because Thursday night = strictly strength. ONE of The. Hardest. workouts of the week. Tonight was no exception. There were squats in the warm-up (no surprise there). WITH weighted bars on our shoulders (I used a 12 pound bar). However these squats didn’t continue as regular ‘ole squats. Nope. They gradually turned into forward lunges. And then reverse lunges.

And then there were towels. I thought about our towel workouts just this morning as I was taking my shower. It’s been a while since we’ve done a towel workout, but that didn’t last long. Although it wasn’t a full-on towel workout tonight. Just a few – meaning like 10 minutes of – side lunges with the towel and then some ab thing that I don’t even know what you would call it, but it felt good.

During this nightmare workout, there was a lot of evil laughing going on from the guy with the mike. And then I was asked if I was running tomorrow. I kinda shook my head yes because I have a 10 miler on my calendar for tomorrow…I was told, “good luck with that!” <insert more evil laughing>

I think I may have blacked out after that because all I remember now is some walking push-ups and a bunch of ab exercises – WITH the weighted bars (12 pounds). My abs already hurt. I have a feeling I might have a few choice words for Alexander on my run tomorrow….

But when it comes down to it, I’m thankful for this class. And I’ll keep going back for more. Speaking of…I’ve forgotten to add my daily thing that I’m thankful for on my last few posts!

So today is strictly strength class. A few other things that I’m thankful for – to make up for forgetting to do this for the last few days – is:

My job. Even if I don’t love it, at least I have a job that allows me to buy workout clothes pay bills.

Dicks Sporting Goods. Self-explanatory.

Donuts from Patterson’s apple farm. I gave my sister my donut order yesterday and I can’t wait til she gets here on Wednesday with my dozen donuts – 3 chocolate sprinkles, 3 maple, 3 blueberry, 3 apple cider, 1 apple fritter, and some caramel peanut butter for apples. Yes amen! Dinner on Wednesday! So boxing better be kickin’ on Wednesday because I need to burn enough calories so that I can eat donuts for dinner! 😉

Clean water. (Yes, this might be coming from the fact that i’m sorta dying of thirst right now.)

Anyone ever try these feet warmers??? I ran into DSG tonight to get some gummies and these were next to them. Figured I’d give them a try because I’m tired of my toes going numb during runs.



Anyone else just buy new clothes instead of doing laundry??



Nope? Just me?? Well ok then…guess the cats outta the bag.

Clues that I’m Pinteresting tonight and the things making me crack up tonight:







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