What to do when you absolutely don’t feel like working out.

You go to the gym, that’s what. I got off at 3:30 today and actually beat Philco home from work! It made me do the joker laugh inside when he walked in the door and asked what the heck I was doing invading “his alone time before I got home from work”. It’s the little things…



I took a little 20 minute nap and when I woke up – actually I don’t even know how I even fell asleep considering all the snoring that was going on next to me – I did NOT feel like working out. (And as I’m writing about his snoring, he just asked me if I was hitting him while we were napping today…HAHA…why, yes, yes I was hitting you because you were snoring and wouldn’t roll the heck over!)


Anyways, back to the talk at hand…I didn’t feel like working out today. Sometimes when I feel like that, I force myself to just start the workout because I know that once I start working out, the energy and feelings will come and I’ll be all hard core. But then there are times where I’m just like, eh, whatev, I don’t feel like working out and I’m not gonna!!! And it’s ok. We should all be aware of our limits and sometimes when we really don’t feel like working out, it might be better if we don’t or we could end up injuring ourselves because we aren’t fully “there”. (Unless you never feel like working out…in which case I’m gonna pressure you to force yourself. 🙂 )



I’m thankful that for me, spinning is one of those workouts where, even if I don’t feel like working out, I know I can make it through a cycle class because you can just sit your bootie on the bike and make it easy – if you want. I end up pretending I’m training for the Tour de France. Which could be a good thing considering I almost skipped working out anyways…Soooooo tonight was one of those nights where I didn’t “feel it”, but figured since it’s “just spinning” I can fake my way through it and know that I’ll at least get something out of it. Or once I sit on that seat, I’ll find myself pedaling to the death.

However, tonight, it was a struggle for me through the whole 60 minutes. Amy is a new(er) cycle instructor and she is pretty tough. Probably because she came from Alexander’s classes. Which I love because I don’t like an easy workout – even if I don’t feel like working out. I tried to push myself the whole time, but my legs felt tired and I felt like I was in slow motion the entire time. I sweat a good sweat, but I was glad when the cool down came! I’m glad I went though because I like the “after effects” of a good workout.

Oh! Forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that Saturday after total body conditioning, Phillipi wanted to go walk at the park. With me. Ugh. Of course I went. But it was soooooo cold and windy and I did not dress appropriately. My legs froze.




And I think Boyzzz was getting frustrated with me complaining about how cold it was….and begging him to just run to the finish to warm us up!



New reading material! Anyone read this book before??



My prayer tonight before dinner: Thank you Jesus for this food. And please make it all turn to muscle.


So what am I thankful for today? Naps. I’m thankful for naps.



One thought on “What to do when you absolutely don’t feel like working out.

  1. Working out right after a nap sounds rough! But I agree with you about sometimes just working out when you aren’t really feeling it. Most of the time if I’m not into it, I just tell myself to go for 30 minutes or something, and 95% of the time I wind up getting in the zone and doing more 🙂


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