Running for turkey?? Or just turkey…?

Me? Well, I’m just going for the turkey. Yessireee. I haven’t eaten turkey for the last 2 thanksgivings because I went vegetarian, but the past few months, as we all know, I’ve had the occasional “splurge day”. Some weeks more than others.

I had taken Tuesday as a rest day and did make it to the gym Wednesday for a 4 miler. Work had let us out an hour early and I have to say, I think work days should be 7-2:30 e’ryday! (I mean, if you really still  have to work at all…)

My run from yesterday:


Yes, I had just paused it for this picture because I wanted to remember how fast I did the 4 miles, but then I walked for a few more minutes…

I have a really hard time picking out what workout clothes I’m going to wear that day and I have no idea why…


And these are just the pants….the capris and shorts and skirts are not included. Never enough I tell ya…

So. My sis and nephew were supposed to be driving to The ‘Bus last night, but since she was having some car problems, they weren’t going to come. Well, I was disappointed, my mom was disappointed. Philco was disappointed, The nephew was disappointed, and The Sis was disappointed. There was a lot of disappointment going on ’round here yesterday. My mom had to work 2nd shift yesterday, so we decided that I’d go pick them up and bring them back here and surprise her. It’s thanksgiving y’all and well, we needed them here. V has to put up mine and my mom’s christmas trees, bake our christmas cookies, take us ice skating for his b-day (which is the 5th and he’s going to be 7. SEVEN. I can’t even believe it. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday.), so as you can see, it had to be done. I had to drive there and make sure they were here for baking, setting up trees, turkey.

images (1)

I think he was a little excited that he was still gonna get to come to Columbus….


I still had a little over an hour drive at this point by the way…

Yes, I walked in the door and he was right there in boots, hat, and coat and grabbing his suitcase asking me if Phil recovered his monkey quest game password…

Pictures I just found from V snatching my phone to “just call Phil because he’s a genius”…




You guys, lookatthese! I’m telling you, we have either the next Van Gogh or the next Ciril Jazbec (he’s a “top 50 great photographer that you should know”. Yes, I googled it and that’s what Hongkiat Lim said…)

Or the next Chef Gordon Ramsey. I’ll have to find his cooking and baking pictures. The boy can work magic in the kitchen already! I told you!-our family has a genius!

OH! I got one of the best emails in a while yesterday! So, you know how I want my blog to be my job? Yes, I just said that and I totally mean that with my whole whole heart…I mean, it could happen! I could actually make a living running and writing about it…I started contacting some of my favorite companies to see if they will let me do some product reviews – aka “send me your products for free and I’ll write about them e’ryday”. We all know I love me some Nuun so they were top on my list to contact. I received this email back from them…

Hi Nicole,

I was recently forwarded your email from Kevin.  I have enjoyed reading your blog and love the webaddress.  I love pizza but I think my blog should be willrunforicecream!  Haha.  Anyway, we would love to have your review Nuun on your blog.  We can offer you a discount code for Nuun on the online store.  It is good for 20% off your order.  Just enter nuun20.   Let me know when you post your review and we would love to share it with everyone at Nuun and on their social media outlets.
Sara S—-
YES YES YES!!! Hey, discounts are GGGGGGreat! And in a bloggers world, having your blog advertised is where it’s at! I’m thankful for Sara at Nuun today.
Well, I have the turkey in the oven, pumpkin crunch was made last night, and now I’ll go start on everything else…Hopefully my mom isn’t still waiting for me to pick her up for the gym and she knows we aren’t going now…haha. (We were going to go to an early total body conditioning class with Beth.) Instead, we’ll just eat turkey and dessert and lay in comas on the couch watching movies and fighting like power rangers with sabers and swords and all…(plastic of course…)
Have a great Thanksgiving y’all!! Enjoy your families and the TIME you have together. We’re all a little whack, so just laugh with/at those “crazy family members”. Never know, YOU could be the crazy one they are shaking their heads at! 😉

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