Hope y’all had great turkey days yesterday! Besides some kitchen fights that looked like an episode of Hells Kitchen between me and The Hus, ours was good. I’m just so tired right now from all the chaos,  so I’ll do some recaps tomorrow or Sunday. Tomorrow is going to be spent celebrating the nephews 7th b-day that is on the 5th, so I’m sure we’ll all sleep well tomorrow too!

Here’s some previews of how we roll in our house….we crazy.


Dancing with the minions in the Thanksgiving day parade.


Mom giving her fave daughter a kiss; the daughter that realized she isn’t the fave is pouting by ruining the picture and looking out the window – behind her; the nephew going crazy.


G-ma pointing to V’s lost tooth; Aunt Nickelbag trying to get her face in the pic; and “Jazzy” wondering what is going on here.


Aunt Nickelbag goin’ in for a kiss; G-ma and Jazzy trying to look all normal and nice for this one….

And you thought your family had all the crazies….


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