I was stampeded.

Seriously. At Sharon Woods park tonight. By a group of high school girls. Then by a group of high school guys. They all just ran by me talking away and running as if it was effortless. In their shorts and t-shirts. The one girl that “flew” past me threw out a “good job”. I didn’t know whether to appreciate it or worry that I looked like I was dying. And I had just started my run 5 minutes prior. I mean, I wasn’t even dying yet at that point. But seeing them in their no shirts, shorts, capris, and t-shirts made me start thinking that maybe I’ve been dressing too warm lately. It was 40-45 out when I was running, and getting dark, so I wore a pair of my fleece-lined running pants, a long sleeved moisture-wicking top, and a thermal jacket. I was getting pretty hot, so I ended up taking my coat off and tying it around my waist.

Then in the midst of this “wardrobe change”, I dropped my headlamp as I was taking it out of my coat pocket and wrapping it around my wrist. And it totally broke. I hadn’t even turned it on and used it yet because it wasn’t dark enough yet. :/ In my defense, I’ve always claimed that I was rough on things. Proof right there ladies and gents! Luckily I finished before I even needed it anyways.

Anyways, taking off my coat helped and I felt like I got a little faster – or maybe it was all in my head?! Who only knows anymore, but I did feel good on that 6 miles!


Anyone commit to the burpee challenge for December??? Come on now! They are so much FUN! (Says no one ever.) I admit I did forget to even start it yesterday, but I did get my 2 in today. Eh, if you fail one day, no reason to just quit all together right?! You just pick up where you left off!

Take a deep breath pick yourself up dust yourself off & start all over again

Now that I’m done with my 6 miler, done with 2 burpees, done with laundry, done making dinner – spinach lasagna – i’m getting in bed with my glass of wine and a book! 🙂

Oh, and to keep in line with my “being thankful for something everyday even after Thanksgiving” theme, I’m thankful today for:

~running strangers that appreciate that we all need motivated and encouraged in our runs


Who is a reader out there and what have you been reading lately??


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