It may be a toss up.

Amy subbed for Alexander tonight in spinning. My mom and I are still trying to figure out who is harder. It really is a toss up, but after tonight, Amy might be pulling a slight lead. My legs usually aren’t too jelly-ish after spinning, but tonight, they very much are!

You know what I hate love hate love? – when your standing up going all out and then they yell, “Now sit down! AND keep the speed!” Ya, that’s awesome. And sometimes after you sit down and realize you just went from 5 pounds of resistance (or whatever equivalent it is in spinning…) to about 35 pounds of resistance when you sit down, they yell out, “Your welcome.” Wait, I never said thanks!? All I have to say again is…My derriere better look like J. Lo’s tomorrow!

Did you get your 3 burpees in today? Yes, I’m going to ask you this everyday. I got my 3 in! Proof.

photo 4

Let it be known that I have never smiled while doing burpees.

photo 3

These Yaff bars that I got in my November Bulu box – they. are. YUM! And you know what is really cool about them that I didn’t notice until my mom was looking at them? They are for you AND your dog. Awww…now you can take your dog running with you and share a treat. On the real though, they are really good and I’m on a mission to find where they are sold locally – besides Whole Foods because then they will be like, $9.99 each. (I do love WF though…)

photo 2

Now it’s time for wine and dine with spinach lasagna. Yes, at 10:30 pm. And no, I will not be going right to bed.

P.S. If you need a laugh, my runner-up husband, Jimmy Fallon will make you laugh here.


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