The meanest husband in the world, NTC got real, and I sorta caved.

Have you ever heard that poem called ‘The Meanest Mom’? It was going around when I was about 10. Well, I thought about writing a poem called ‘The Meanest Husband’. Because my hubby wouldn’t let me drive to the gym to do a 6 mile treadmill run and then take a yoga class…because we are having a bad snow storm. I mean, come on now! – I grew up in the snow belt and used to drive an hour to the mall when it was a “snow storm”. Ain’t no thang. You just drive sloooooower. I mean, I realize there are other people on the road that you have to worry about, but I don’t really think about them.


Anyway, I guess he’s just trying to “look out for my safety and all”, but a girl’s gotta get a workout in too! You don’t wanna see me without my adrenaline rush. I’m not pretty. Or nice. So with that being said, that’s why I have “The Meanest Husband in the World”. I was told to just lay on the couch and enjoy it. Well, after a little nap, I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to do something. Rachel had told me about the Nike Training Club (NTC) app and that the workouts left her sore. I had it downloaded on my tablet, but hadn’t used it, so I decided to just “test it out”.

Wow! I chose a 45 minute workout that had me sweating and breathless within 5 minutes. When I had 27 minutes left, I was fighting the urge to hit the “stop workout” button. The app is really easy to navigate through and you can choose 30 or 45 minute workouts. You can also choose 15 minute workouts that target  specific areas. The workout I did was a total body one. And by total body, I mean, TOTAL. BODY! Here is a sample of the app…


You pick which type of workout you want – lean, toned, strong, or focused.


I chose advanced because it is good for people that workout 3-5 times a week. And I do.



Then you can choose between a 30 or 45 minute workout – I chose the 45 minute workout called Fast & Fierce. (It was fast & fierce!)



Once you start the workout, these are the moves you go through. (Just a few anyways…)




There were about 44 moves total. You were doing anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes a move.



I set my Pandora to Today’s Hip Hop & went to town.


All that was needed for this workout was a med ball (mine is 10 pounds) and 10-15 pound weights (mine were set to 10 pounds each). I was going to use the figure 8 at the end for some butt moves, but when that 45 minutes was up, I was done!


(And don’t ask me why I have 1 shoe on…I JUST noticed that as I was downloading it from my phone.

Overrall, this was a great workout and I was sweating! It said I only burned 214 calories, so that was kind of a bummer, but at least I did something. The meanest husband can’t hold me down! So for all of you who say you hate running or hate going to the gym or don’t wanna pay for the gym, DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! This is perfect for you. The workout I did had both cardio and strength, so you can’t beat it! Get your butt off the couch, put down the bon bons and give yourself 45 minutes a few times a week to feel better!

So Wednesday night, Philco and I went to “our bar and grill” for dinner and we finally tried the buffalo chicken pizza. It.Was.DELICIOUS. I wanted it again on Thursday night. (And no, there were no leftovers for me to have it on Thursday too. It was that good.)



And we’re having pizza again tonight. 🙂 I’ve been dying for some cherry vanilla coke lately. I dunno why. It’s been years since I’ve had it and I haven’t allowed myself to have any. So tonight when we were in Kroger, I saw this new cherry soda and it was a must.


I’m drinking it now and I approve this soda!!!

What am I thankful for today?


~cherry pop


~a nice husband that drops me off at work on snowy/icy days and tells me I can’t drive to the gym b/c the weather is too bad.

Any great plans for the weekend??

Have you used the Nike Training Club app???


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