Running with Nuun

So I shared with you how I’ve been contacting some of my fave companies to see about receiving products to review on my blog – or even just the chance to do a review to get my blog “out there”. Since I fell in love with Nuun this year, they were obviously one of the first companies I contacted and I feel lucky that they actually got back to me!! And pretty quick too! Let’s just say November 27th was a happy day when I checked my emails that day. I was given a 20% coupon to order some Nuun too! YES! I’ll be ordering this tonight. My favorite flavors all wrapped up in a little box. Who says only shiny, expensive items that come in little boxes are the only “little boxes” that can make a girl all excited and giddy? So here is my honest opinion and review on Nuun products.


I first heard of Nuun through other running blogs – Run, Eat, Repeat being the main one. I went directly to Nuun’s website and checked the ingredients since I’m an ingredient fanatic. (Knowing what I knew about the ingredients in Gatorade, I had banned Gatorade from my life, so clearly I needed an electrolyte drink for working out. And P.S. going to Gatorade’s website to see their list of ingredients, isn’t enough because it is incorrect. Let’s just say I don’t think you want to drink brominated vegetable oil and high fructose corn syrup when working out – or ever for that matter!) When I researched Nuun products and checked their ingredient list, I was impressed and went on “the hunt”. Dicks Sporting Goods and Giant Eagle sells Nuun products by the way – at least in the Columbus, OH region…Yay yay yay! And if you can’t find it in your area, ordering them online is the same price as buying them in a store. You just have to buy them by a 4 pack instead of individually. But trust me, you’ll want 4 packs of them! And they have 2 “variety pack” options for $24, so your set right there!

These are the 2 variety pack options you can order:

2nd Mixed 4 pack-382x369

Strawberry lemonade, Grape, Fruit punch, Tropical

Mixed 4pack-tubes-382x369

Lemon Lime, Tri-Berry, CItrus fruit, Orange


These are the ones I tried first and they have continued to be a staple in our household – and now my sister’s household, and my mom drinks them too.



(They also have a cola flavored one that I really wanna try, but I haven’t ever seen it in a store and I don’t really want to buy a 4 pack until I know if I like it! :/ )



They also have these “all day” tabs that don’t have the electrolytes. They just flavor your water – which is great if you hate plain ‘ole H20. (But you should be drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day, so ADD THESE TABS and drink up!)

They also have these natural hydration tabs, but I have never seen them in a store, so I have never tried them. 😦

Now. Why do I love these so much? Well, if you missed my post about my “passing out” issue, I have a problem with passing out a lot. Long story short, after testing, it’s just due to stress and/or pain. My blood pressure drops and I pass out. Now when I workout or run, I have a problem with my blood pressure dropping if I push myself too hard or workout too intense or too long and then I…you guessed it…pass out. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to lay down in the middle of a class to keep from passing out. If I drink water when I workout, I’m not sure exactly what it does, but I end up getting light-headed and feeling dizzy – aka the pre-passing out stage. So I NEED an electrolyte drink when I workout, but since I had given up Gatorade, I was left with, well, nothing.

Fast forward to Nuun coming into my life. I started drinking Nuun during spinning and the first time I tried it, I never got light-headed and it kept me going strong. So I started drinking it during all my workouts and then during my long runs and/or after any run. Now I think I would be lost without it. I’m happy with the ingredient list and I’m happy that it keeps me going during intense workouts and doesn’t give me cramps – like water did.



So ya, if your looking for a healthier electrolyte drink – which you should be if your stuck on the Gatorade train 😦 – then go on a hunt for some Nuun! You’ll thank me.

Your welcome.

The only cons to Nuun that I can come up with at this time? That ALL the flavors aren’t sold at Dicks or Giant Eagle.

*I was not paid for this review and all opinions are honest and are my own.


2 thoughts on “Running with Nuun

  1. Just to add to your water comment you should be drinking at least half your body weight in ounces a day of water. I will have to look for the drops to put in your water to flavor it because my daughter Lindsay hates the taste of water so therefore she doesn’t drink much which i KNOW is bad for her!! I also want to try the Nunn now too since the kids and Adam sometimes drink Powerade Zero. Will have to check out their website to see where I can find the Nunn;


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