First cold weather run & everything on my mind today.

Saturday’s workout plan called for a 10 miler. Since it was 25 degrees out that day, and we had just had a snow storm Friday night, I knew I didn’t want to do 10 miles outside! It’s been probably 15 years since I did cold weather running, so I knew I needed to do some shorter runs to sort of “figure out” how to dress, where to run, etc…I figured I would try Sharon Woods park first to see if they even plowed the trail. Called The Mom and she met me there at 10:30. Well, more like 10:50 because we both forgot to factor in the fact that we would have to clean the snow & ice off of our cars. :/



My pre-run b-fast was toast with peanut butter, cinnamon, and Trader Joe’s chocolate & sugar. PB for the protein, cinnamon for the metabolism and chocolate and sugar well, just because.


I figured I would do 5 miles at the park, and then head to the gym to do the other 5 on the treadmill.  They had cleared the trail, but the sides of the trail were still untouched by the plow. As soon as I started down the first hill though, I was glad that the entire trail wasn’t plowed, because it was icy and I ended up running on the snowy parts on the downhills so that I didn’t fall.


I actually passed 6 other idiots die-hards crazies runners during my run! (P.S. Did you know that there is actually a running club  that is called ‘Idiots Running Club’? True story via Runner’s World.) Oh, and 3 walkers including my mom. Not those kinds of walkers y’all – get your mind off the zombie apocalypse because it’s not happening yet. But when it does, whoever watches The Walking Dead, will be ready!

It really was a pretty run!

IMG_1937 IMG_1941

I had to keep reminding myself to not worry about speed at all because I was just trying to make it through a cold run without falling and my lungs freezing shut and dying. I actually felt really good and thankful my mom picked us up some more toe warmers! And soooooo glad I remembered to take a pack of tissues, because I needed them about 1 minute into my run. My nose was a runny, snotty mess the whole time. Your welcome for the visual.


Running in the cold actually gives a whole new dimension/adrenaline rush/challenge/new excitement to running. It “spices things up” if ya know what I mean.  And surprisingly, I  actually dressed perfectly for this run! I got 2 pairs of these Avalanche pants (LOVE Avalanche’s line for cold running). They are fleece lined and warm! They were perfect. And I wore a base layer and a fleece jacket. And gloves and toe warmers and headband. Never got too cold or too hot.



Ended up not wearing any of my running shoes because I thought I needed a pair that had a little more traction since I knew it would probably be icy.



As you can see – fleece lined. I have these in gray and black, but not sure if they come in other colors…

The end of the first 5.


Headed to the gym after a quick stop for an oil change in my car. Since it’s been over 24 hours since my “treadmill run”, I think I’ve calmed down enough to talk about it today. The run was going great until the last .10 when the treadmill took it upon itself to tell me it was time to cool down. Cool down?!?! WHAT! THE! HECK!!!!! I was at 4.90 miles and was going to PR at 48:00. I’ll just expose my weakness here and say that I was so “upset”, I could have cried. It wouldn’t even let me get back to the run! It just gave me the option to STOP. AND! It wouldn’t let me SAVE my run because I hadn’t set up a profile ONLINE! FOR.THE.LOVE! I got this message:


So now i’m setting up my profile. And yes, I “ended my workout”, and ran hard for .10. I suppose at least I got the planned 10 miles in though. And felt great for both runs.

So. Do you have a specific workout routine or do you mix it up every week and go with what you feel like doing?? I guess I sort of have a routine, but I’m not married to it. I have certain classes or “workouts” that I like to get in each week, but the days vary each week depending on how I’m feeling or what I feel up to. But I also have certain instructors I like to go to, so that somewhat dictates what classes I take on which days. For instance, Thursday will always be 5:00 strength as long as the same instructor is teaching it because that is the only time he teaches that class and it’s my fave.

I came home to this after my run(s):


Yup, I’m married to a gamer. Now, let me start off by saying, that I too was a crack WoW addict at one time, but since I found fitness again, I’ve been delivered. And when I quit playing, let’s just say it caused some fights – like, Judge Judy kinda fights. However, as I’ve gotten into my own routine with running and working out, I’ve found that I sort of appreciate the fact that we each have a hobby that we like to do without each other. Do I wish we worked out together? HECK YA! I think it’s much healthier than gaming…And I wish he cared about his health more than he does. But I can’t force fitness on him. (I’ve tried, trust me.) So I stopped making excuses for myself and started doing it for myself. And ya know what, it really doesn’t bother me. Much. I appreciate and enjoy that time I have for myself, doing something I love that makes me feel better and feel like I want to be a nicer person. (I can be mean. Seriously. Ask Phil. No, don’t ask Phil because you will probably hear more than you should.)

So, ya, I walked in feeling high after a 10 mile run, said Hi to my “gamer” and hopped in the shower without a care in the world. Except what I was going to eat after my shower…

And today on the workout menu, was yoga at 9:30 – which felt GREAT by the way – and then church. I feel so productive today! Even got all the laundry done. All in one day! AND I made us lunch! I have our meal menu for the week planned out too – just have to go do the grocery shopping. Bring on the week!

Thankful today for:

~Roof over our head

~Food on the table

~Clothes on our backs

~Gas in our cars


It’s the basics.


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