Ooops I did it again.

I ordered us pizza for dinner. From “our bar”. Buffalo chicken pizza. Who’s eating vegetarian now!? This is sad because I even planned out our meals for the week and bought all the ingredients to make vegetable pot pie, Tuscan white bean soup, and spinach quesadillas…but hey, pizza will always win in a food battle.

photo 1 photo 2


And no, I didn’t even burn these calories off beforehand.

Moving on. You already know that we have movie night with my mom every Saturday night – with pizza and wine and some form of chocolate with peanut butter. I just decided to add another “tradition” to our life – going to different pizza places all over the ‘Bus. The Hus and I were also just talking about playing cards and games more, so I bought a couple puzzles that I knew he would love and figured we could rotate every other Friday – pizza joint one Friday night and games/puzzles the next. I even saved a copy of a local Columbus magazine that has about 100 pizza places listed in it to try. I’m on it! And I’m on the game night! (P.S. Rachel – you and Don are always invited for our pizza nights too since you know how to appreciate a good pie! 😉 )

IMG_1975 IMG_1976


So do you have any random traditions?? Ones that you have kept going since you were a kid? Or new ones that you have come up with as an adult with/without your new family/friends??

Aaaaaand I leave you with this: my favorite winter shirt. Now, I told this to Phillipi and he was like, “How can this be your favorite shirt when I have never even seen it before?!” Me: “Well, it’s sorta new and I just put it on and I love it! So it’s my new favorite shirt!”


Has the thumb holes…


Cute details…


And fleece lined.

My new favorite winter shirt. If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know why I love it – bright color, thumb holes, i’m all about the fleece lining these days, and well, it’s just plain cute. It might not even see a run because I’ll be wearing it for everyday wear…

I’m thankful today for:



~heat in my house

~Burts Bees & EOS chapstick


How is your Christmas shopping going by the way? Done or haven’t even started??



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