Run for the day & hitting the 3 month mark

This might turn out to be a roller coaster kinda post, but eh, that’s my emotional girly side coming out. We’ll start with some good.

Yesterday’s workout: SPINNING! My gosh were my legs tired after that 60 minutes! Then home to make Tuscan White Bean Soup. Holy yum! I’ll share the recipe some day soon.

Confession: the recipe calls for shallots. I did not know what these look like. I read every tag in Kroger & couldn’t find them so scallions it was because I knew what they looked like!



Minus the vegetable broth – that is for my vegetable pot pie and I forgot to take it out of the pic…



Yes, I really do use the Ninja blender that my Hus bought me! PROOF!



Warm deliciousness!


Yes. This is real. Tape and all.


Today’s running weather was lookin’ good, so to the park I went ran! I really ran probably 5.8 miles, but my phone died at this point, so the rest of my run got gyped. I really need a new GPS watch…SANTA! And I really need to get over getting so upset when my runs don’t get saved. It’s like, if I don’t have the proof, it didn’t happen. But it DID happen and my calves hurt to prove it.

IMG_2021 IMG_2022

My plan was 10 miles tonight, so I went to the gym and ran another 4.5 miles – a few extra steps to make sure I really hit 10. I asked a trainer before my run what the deal was with the treadmills telling me to cool down when I don’t want to. He came over to the treadmill with me and told me I should actually choose the manual workout instead of just hitting Go and starting my run. With actually choosing a manual workout, I can pick time, distance, hills, etc…so of course today I did a distance run of 4.5.


Thank you trainer guy! It actually let me run the full 4.5 miles before it told me to cool down! Hooray! My legs were really tired for my 4.5 mile run on the treadmill, but I think it was because I didn’t change my super thick, fleece lined pants, so the heat drained my little leggers. 😦

So. My 3 month mark today. Since my surgery and losing my pregnancy. The past week has been pretty up and down to say the least. There were a few – lots – of tears shed tonight that froze to my face. I think it’s hitting me hard right now because not only do I think all the time about how far along I ‘would have been’, but we can now “officially” start trying again. (Because the drug is out of my system now.) And I’ve never been more afraid of actually getting pregnant, because i’m terrified of it happening again. And the constant, dull pain in my right side is a constant reminder of it all. I told Philco that we need to buy stock in pregnancy tests because I’m going to want to take a test every week now so that when it shows positive, I can get to the doctor right away and make sure it’s not in my tube again.

Anyway, life is going on. One day at a time. Thank God for my Boyzzzz. There really are no words and we both know that, so just “crying it out” is sometimes all I need to do.


K. Enough about the real deep crap, but hey, I’m real. And i’m deep. And we all have a lot of crap.

So Christmas is coming – like, soon! Wasn’t it just Christmas of 2012 yesterday?! I’m personally sick of all the “let’s buy all kinds gifts for everyone under the sun and go broke” Christmas way of thinking. Philco and I never really buy each other presents because we figure it’s really for kids and let’s be real – it’s Christmas for us all the time. If we need something, we get it. So why do we go all fanatical on gift-giving for one month a year when that isn’t even what Christmas is about?? So.  Do you and your spouse buy gifts for each other??

New songs that are on my “repeat playlist”:

‘I need your love’ – by Calvin Harris

‘Timber’ – by Ke$ha and Pitbull

‘Royals’ – by Lorde

‘Safe and sound’ – by Capital Cities

‘Still into you’ – by Paramore


Quote from PS2 today when I asked if we are ever going to be on the same page about stuff (I don’t even really remember what we were talking about at the time, but it was something dumb…): “No, we are never going to be on the same page because we are man and woman. We’re wired completely opposite.”

I kinda love that and it made a little light bulb go off in my head.

I’m thankful today for:

~The people that are put in your path, at just the right time, that you know are meant to be in your life right then.

~The sun. On dark winter-y days, even just a little sunshine for a few hours can make all the difference! Even if it’s cold!

~This: 449726781478407565_1349606010


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