He loves us, he loves us not.

No, i’m not talking about first grade merry-go-round-pluck-the-daisies-kinda-love. This is what the “it’s-about-to-get-real” instructor, Alexander, said to us tonight. That he “loves us all!” (But has an odd way of showing it – his words by the way, but I was definitely thinking it.)  As he was killing us off one by one with about 15-20 minutes of shoulders. Now, that doesn’t sound like much now, but if you were doing it, you’d be singing a different tune! So! He loves us?! He loves us NOT! Lots of push ups, lots of abs, LOTS of shoulders, and squats in the warm-up. #didn’texpecteasy

Oh the weather outside is frightful. But strictly strength was so delightful…


I can run in 25 degree weather, but anything colder and I’m checkin’ into the heated gym to hit the ‘Mill.

People! My calves were soooooo tired and sore today that I actually wore my compression socks to work all day. True story.




And yes, I think it helped. Now imma need some compression SHOULDER SLEEVES for my jello-like shoulders and arms!

Is this even normal??



I could hardly find any more room in my car to shove some packets of toe warmers! Every space and compartment is stocked with protein gels, Nuun, gummies, chapstick, to-go packs of tissues, hair ties, Clif bars, headlamp, etc…

Another random…Think anyone in this house likes green much?



(And yes, we really DO have coat closets! We each have our own actually…I know. Tables are turned today because usually its Philco with 3 coats hanging on chairs instead of me.)

This was The TOUGHEST decision of my day today. (We were only going home with one or the other. There HAD to be SOME kind of self-control! Tomorrow will be the other.)



Mint won by the way. And 1 – or 4 – did not make it into the oven to be baked.

This lone piece of popcorn was dropped by Phillipi last night as he was having his “SOA snack”. As I was coming back to the couch from getting another bowl of my yummy tuscan white bean soup (because after 10 miles I realized I was so hungry that I needed 2 dinners…), I asked if he was gonna eat that piece of popcorn because if not, I was gonna. I figured I needed the extra carb…



(And no, I did NOT eat it,but don’t ever put it past me because the 5 second rule to me is more like the 60 second rule. Ya, I can’t believe I just admitted that either.)

SPEAKING of Sons of Anarchy! If you haven’t watched this weeks episode, don’t read the next statement and just stop reading now. Like NOW. Seriously. K. REALLY SOA?!?!?!?!? TARA IS DEAD?!?!?!? I’m over this show now.

K. I think that is all the randomness/workout/food related stuff I needed to cover for today. Peace out.

Oh, but before I leave!! Today I’m thankful for!:

~mint chocolate chip cookies


~pizza (it was what was for dinner)

~God’s grace



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