This is how I roll on a Friday night.

We. Are. SO. chaotic and CrAzY ’round the G’s pad. I’m not even kidding. This Friday night was an 8 mile run for me. Followed by a cup of coffee in a mug that is the size of my head. Followed by mint chocolate chip cookies. Followed by pizza from our first “new pizza place for pizza night”. Followed by wine. Mixed with visiting with my mom and baking MORE cookies – the peppermint ones. I know. I KNOW. I KNOOOOOWWW! We so crazy! I loved my Friday night. Like not just a little either.

GREAT running weather tonight.


GREAT run.


Sad that I don’t even know how I forgot my headband that covers my ears and my face froze like an ice glacier in Alaska. (Yes, I know what these look like because one of my cousins lived in Anchorage and I visited her there. And visited some glaciers. And yes, my face was THAT frozen.)


I should actually visit her now that she lives in Cali…

GGGGREAT mug-o-coffee-the-size-of-my-head. And cookies.


I know I look like a crazed person, but I JUST RAN 8 MILES IN 30 DEGREE WEATHER! don’t judge. These 2 things were making me happy at the moment.

GREAT pizza and Stromboli from Buckeye Pizza! No, there was no chocolate and peanut butter on the pizza. We got the House pizza that had pepperoni, sausage (i’m a total meat-eater today), peppers, onions, mushrooms, and banana peppers. And a pepperoni and cheese Stromboli. We would go there again. But we have about 5555 other pizza places to try before we can go a 2nd time to one.


GREAT peppermint cookies!


Ohmygosh did I eat cookies TWICE tonight?!?!? yes. I did.

K. Enough of the greatness. For now. I guess I was on a “everything-is-great” kick for a minute there…

So I’m reading Kara Goucher’s book called ‘Running for Women’. PUT IT ON YOUR MUST READ LIST!! She might be my new girl crush and i’m still on chapter 1. Here are 2 things I liked. They were GREAT paragraphs! 😉

IMG_2043 IMG_2045

Exhibit A – you don’t have to tell me twice to buy a new running outfit. I do this weekly. I will GLADLY buy a new running outfit JUST to run a new route. I like you Kara.

Exhibit B – REWARD YOURSELF at the end of each week!! SERIOUSLY! Why do we need to be told to do this anyhow?! In all seriousness here, I think we can start to feel guilty about “rewarding ourselves”, but come on now, so many of us have a TON of stuff on our plates! Not just women, or moms, or dads, but ALL of us and in order to be the best we can be at being a wife, a mother, a friend, a dad, a grandma, a grandpa, an aunt, an employee, etc…we HAVE to take care of OURSELVES! This isn’t selfish! Yes, it can be selfish if that is ALL we focus on, but taking care of our bodies by eating healthy and working out is going to make us feel better, relieve stress, keep our bodies working the way they should be – fighting off sickness and colds the way they should be. The only way to achieve these things is to take care of our bodies. We only have ONE after all! Stress shows it’s ugly face in our lives in CRAZY ways – headaches, obesity, mental breakdowns, cancer, depression, colds, etc, so it’s NOT selfish to take care of yourself by working out or relaxing in a hot bubble bath or getting a massage or unwinding before bed with a glass of wine. These are all HEALTHY stress relievers! (Some done in moderation of course…) So don’t feel guilty for needing – and taking – a couple hours – or even just an hour – a week to take a bath or get a massage after you’ve given it your all in your running and workouts (or job or family obligations) for the week. YOUR BODY AND THE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE WILL THANK YOU. And love you for it. And come on now, you are teaching your kids and family how to respect themselves and take care of themselves! Do you want to spend your hard-earned Benjamin’s on doctors and medicine?! Or on fun activities with your family and friends?

K. I’m done with my sermon. I dunno where that came from. I hadn’t planned on that whole presentation, but there it is people! Your welcome.

images (5)


So do you take time to relax and “de-stress” each week?? How do you de-stress?

What am I thankful for this week? (This is really making me think everyday!!)

~peppermint cookies

~my mom

~headbands that cover your ears

~rap music that makes you want to run like a Kenyan



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