Relaxing with yoga to brave the Christmas shoppers.

After my calves and shoulders being sore pretty much all week this week, I decided we would go to yoga this morning at 8am and then hit up the hot tub afterwards. It was one of my best ideas to date.

OH! And something really nice happened to me at yoga! Something that has never happened to me before. I don’t win things. I mean ever. I don’t win on $1 lottery tickets. I don’t win raffles. I don’t win drawings. I just don’t. Whatev. I’m not bitter about it, because I hope that people that really deserve it, win. But today! Things changed. As we were putting our mats away after class, a girl walked up to me and handed me a lululemon tank top and said “This is for you. We’re from lululemon and this is a gift from us to you.” Say whaaaat?! Officially my first lululemon product and I didn’t even have to give my right thumb for it!


Afterwards, we took showers at the gym and braved the hustle and bustle of Easton shopping. And actually, it wasn’t all that bad and people weren’t all that nasty! But maybe the fact that we were relaxed from yoga and the hot tub helped…?! We got a lot accomplished today.

IMG_2084 IMG_2085

Moving on from pumpkin to peppermint!

I really was shopping for other people, but I’m one of those people that buys something for myself for every gift for someone else…I couldn’t pass these 90 degrees headbands up though! – $2.99 at TJMaxx!


My Hus loves me – he brought me home more pens yesterday. He thinks he is going to go to jail because he steals brings me “free” pens all the time from the hospital.


And now it’s movie time – Man of Steel and The Internship. With peppermint cookies and mint cupcakes. And wine.

My thankful list for today:

~the lululemon girl’s niceness

~yoga and hot tubs

~rain boots


Oh and one last thought. Are you are snooze hitter? I am. Phillipi is. Yesterday, his alarm had already gone off & he had hit snooze already and I was like, “PHIL! It’s 6:20!” He jumps up, looks at his phone, and says, “It’s only 6:19!” He lays back down, and then his alarm goes off 1 minute later at 6:20 and he gets up. The end.

Question: Are you as much of a peppermint lover in December as you are (if you are…) a pumpkin lover in October and November?


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