I’m makin’ my list and checkin’ it twice.

My race list by the way – not the one for Santa. I’m probably on the naughty list, so I wouldn’t even bother making Santa a list anyway…

So, Between my own scouting out races I want to do in 2014 and getting some suggestions from other bloggers, my list is started and getting longer by the day. Now I need 2 more FULL time jobs to afford all these races…Not all of them have dates yet, but I have a general idea of when they will be anyways.

January 12th & February 9th – Rocks and Roots 20K trail run

February 15th – Myrtle Beach 1/2

March 15th – Clarksville, TN 1/2

April 6th – Cleveland Towpath 1/2

April 26th – Nashville Country Music 1/2

May 3rd – Cap City 1/2 (WITH RACHEL!!!!!)

May 18th – Cleveland 1/2

June 28th-29th – Relay around Columbus (so I need some of you to join me for this)

September 7th – Cedar Point 1/2 Triathlon (if I splurge on a road bike :/)

October 19th – Columbus FULL

Dates TBD:

~Runners World 1/2 in Bethlehem, PA

~Run like a girl 1/2 in the ‘Bus

~Hot Chocolate 15k

So what is your 2014 race schedule looking like? If you wanna race together, the more the merrier! 😉


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