Sometimes you just gotta call it.

And tonight was one of those nights. I wanted to get a 12-13 mile run in this week – tonight to be exact. I figured I would do some miles at the park (in the cold until it got dark) and then finish up at the gym on one of those SUPER exciting, FUN! things they call a treadmill! Well, it was cold today.


And it had snowed today.


Did I mention it was cold?


I actually think I have learned how to dress for cold weather running. For the most part, I was pretty warm and felt perfect the whole time. Except for my thumbs and first fingers. They were numb. I had to make sure they were still attached at the end of my run. I kept shaking out my hands and putting them in my pockets to try to warm them up. Knowing that if I fell on the ice with my hands in my pockets. I would destroy my face when I fell. So it was a toss up between my frozen fingers or a destroyed face. Hey, you don’t know what you would choose until your in the heat cold of the moment!

Speaking of cold fingers, I was excited to run with these gloves, but they are proving to be better for maybe, 35 degree weather…They are Brooks and they are waterproof with the little green flap that goes over the fingers. And they have the tips so you can use your touch screen phone. However, I think I have handicapped fingers, because NONE of these kinds of gloves work for me. The fingers are too long (these Brooks were a small even!) and so I can’t hit any buttons. Lucky for me, the thumbs on these gloves pulls back. Go Brooks!


Neon and reflectors for the night time. (And the thumb flap)


Reflectors on the fingers if you don’t use the waterproof shield.


AND a pocket for your ipod!

So. My run. Was 7 miles.


Then I was going to do 5-6 miles on the treadmill. HOWEVER! Halfway through my run, the back of my thigh (right above my left knee) started hurting. Like I pulled a muscle or something? I think it was because I was trying to run weird – flat footed – to keep from falling on the ice and that screwed me up. And I was even trying to be a good little runner and run on the opposite side of the trail. (Per Kara Goucher, we should run different routes and surfaces each week so that our legs and bodies don’t get used to the same path causing injury.)

I actually drove all the way to the gym and by the time I got to the parking garage, the pain was searing down my leg. Needless to say, I drove in a square in the garage and drove myself home. Now it’s icy hot and compression sock time.


Like those purple compression socks? Me too. More about them tomorrow. For now, I leave you with this: when you need a massage, make sure the person you are getting to do the massage, knows how to dig in those muscles. I asked PS2 to give my feet and legs a massage the other night and all he did was make me laugh because it tickled. #FAIL! Sorry boyzzz. No one gives massages like my Papa did. EVERY time we spent the night at my Nana and Papa’s, when he would wake  us up in the mornings, he would give us a back massage. THE. BEST! back massages too! P.I. needs a massage lesson…


Today I’m giving thanks for:

~icy hot cream

~having a hubby who is computer literate – to fix everything I break on my laptop, tablet, iPod, TV’s, surround sound, DVD player, and phone (I break all technology that I try to use…)

~laundry detergent – except when I buy fabric softener instead of detergent and I don’t realize it until I’m throwing a load of clothes in the washer…



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