Pro Compression Review & a GIVE-A-WAY!!!!!

So. ‘Member those purple compression socks I gave you a sneak peak of last night? No?


Remember now? Ok. Well. When I contacted Pro Compression, they got back to me and sent me this pair of compression socks! Nice huh?!

What is even nicer, is that these socks are the highlight of my week. I got them in the mail last Friday and wore them for about 24 hours straight after my 8 mile run Friday night and my legs felt SUPER refreshed afterwards! THEN, I wore them last night after my 7 mile run and all day today at work, and I can seriously tell a difference in the recovery time. I went to spinning tonight and my legs felt strong the whole time. And after spinning, I felt like I could go run 10 miles. (I didn’t,but I could have…)

Not gonna lie, I had my doubts about these compression socks “being all the rave” and really making recovery time for your legs better, but after wearing them post 2 runs, I’m a believer. Now I need more colors…And I think I’ll try wearing them for my longer runs too instead of just after the run, because they are supposed to help during the run too. And here we thought all we needed for running was a good pair of shoes…?!

And guess what else?! Pro Compression not only gave me a coupon code (BLG13)  for YOU to get 40% off (at some marathon socks, calf sleeves, and arm sleeves, but they are offering a FREE PAIR OF SOCKS TO ONE OF MY READERS! (US only)

So. To enter this give-a-way, click the link below. (Bear with me on this…Remember I’m a noob blogger and this is my first give-a-way, so trying to figure out how to do a fair give-a-way on my blog was getting the best of me tonight 🙂 )
a Rafflecopter giveaway


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