Problems of an addict.

The addict being myself…my addiction is strictly strength on Thursdays, of course. What did you think I was gonna confess my addiction was?! Here was my problem with my addiction today though:



I walked out of work and it was THAT NICE! My dilemma, in case you haven’t figured it out, was that I was headed to the gym. To do a workout INSIDE. When it was soooo nice out – for December. I seriously wanted to just go to the park and skip the gym, but when I think about missing a strength class, it makes me wanna cry. Like serious tears. I was so excited Tuesday night when I asked if the strength class was still going to happen the day after Christmas and he said yes. #addictedtopainfulworkouts

So since I completely, and without a second thought, totally skipped working out yesterday (the winter blues got the best of me…and it wasn’t even that dark and winter-y…), I figured I would just head straight to the gym and get a few miles in on the treadmill before strictly strength. The 35 minutes on the ‘mill was great! I’ve been trying – slowly, but surely – to work on speed a little bit at a time, and tonight I was able to run a full mile at a 8:41 pace. #progress. But I did have to take some walk breaks in between. But hey, that’s ok!



Trying to do some speed work before strength class might not have been my brightest idea for the week. Considering he’s been just loving making us do squats for the warm-up! And tonight’s squats included a figure 8 band. #itgotrealinlessthan5minutes

And you can’t hide ANYTHING from him! There are 4 levels of figure 8 bands and I usually grab the 2 hardest – red, and then blue is the hardest. I started with the blue band, but when we had to switch to reverse lunges/squats while using the figure 8 band to do flies, I had to drop down to the red band. Needless to say I got caught throwing it down. AND called out. #youdowhatyougottadotogetthroughthatclass

Usually that class flies by, but tonight, I looked at the clock, and it was only 5:30 – only half done. Really?! At that point it felt like we had already done 55 minutes and it was cool down time! WHAT THE…?!?!? My arms were jelly. My legs were jelly. The jelly-like feeling is becoming quite the norm for Thursday nights. #addictedtofeelinglikejelly

So. I have a kinda really nice husband. I came home to this last night.



I do get flowers a lot and I love that he gets them at Flowerama because they sell Cheryl’s cookies too and I ALWAYS get some cookies with my flowers! #i’llkeephim

Ok. What the HECK is up with me and the hashtags tonight?!? I really hate hashtags but i’m really on a roll with them tonight. I feel like Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake…

Anyways, moving on. The Hus and I were trying to be nice last night by taking some leftover roast and potatoes and carrots to my mom for dinner because she has been working 3rd shift all week. This is what she came home to this morning:



Yes, as we were trying to be nice, we took full advantage of the situation of being in her house alone and we didn’t take our shoes off and we stole chocolate. #kidswillbekids

OH! Got my December Bulu box the other day too!



I don’t know if I told you, but the watermelon electrolyte powder from last month’s box, was good! The only thing I would change about it, is I would mix it with lukewarm water to make it dissolve better. Then add ice. Because I did get some gulps of powder a few times, but the taste was GREAT! I’m excited to try these other energy powders too. And I’ve already used the “wound spray” and I like it. I’m going to have to hide it from Phillipi.

Also came home to this last night…



K. Now before you ask, “what the heck is that and what are you trying to tell us?”, here is the background story:

My mom 1. loves putting chip clips on everything. EVERYTHING. and 2. she eats like a bird – takes 2 bites of something and she’s full and says she can make 4 meals out of something that is 1 meal to PS2 or I. So when I came home to a half of a clif bar eaten and clipped with a chip clip, I wondered if my mom had been over…Philco admitted that no, it was him. He was going to “be like Susan and make 4 meals out of a Clif bar”. #GodblessmymomandTheHus

Aaaaaaaand lastly, i’m getting a sore throat. So I’ve been singing this little ditty all night: “sore throat go away, come back anoth-NEVER! COME BACK NEVER!” #iliketosingmywordssometimes

Wow. Could I get any more random?!

Thankful today for:

~vitamin C and orange juice

~burning leg and arm and shoulder muscles

~flowers and Cheryl’s cookies




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