I did it anyway.

I started getting a sore throat last night and when I woke up this morning, it felt like razor blades were dancing in my throat. Nothing sounded good to eat today, so I drank a lot of orange juice. I did stop at the health food store tonight after my mom and I went to the park, and I got some throat lozenges – i’ll have to tell you/show you them tomorrow because I’m too tired and lazy to get off the couch and tell you about them now…

So obviously we made it to the park. In the misty rain. After 10 steps, I was done. I mean, physically. Mentally, I forced myself to go on. And I’m realizing I have this problem…I don’t like to run less than 5 miles. Unless i’m still doing another workout…I guess I feel like running at least 5 miles is at least closer to working out for an hour. And I feel like 60 minute workouts are where it’s at. Or more. Running less than 5 miles to me makes me feel as if I didn’t workout “enough”. Am I making sense here?! Or the only one…?

Anyways, I forced myself to do 5 miles, but more than once, I threw up a little in mouth. Orange juice. Your welcome. 🙂



And the temperature was PERFECT!



And even though it was misty and gray and cloudy, THE SNOW WAS GONE!!!!!!



I love this kind of mail from one of my favorite stores…Now I need to go there because I have about 15 coupons that HAVE to be used. Yes, they HAVE to be used! And by God I can find stuff to use them on at Dicks!



You may just wanna take a little trip – tonight – to Trader Joe’s, and pick yourself up some of these…And hide them in your special hiding place. Just sayin’.



That’s it. It’s movie night with The Hus and my mom because Philco and I will be out of town tomorrow. PEACE!

Thankful today for:

~healthy throat lozenges

~55 degree weather

~rain that melts the snow

~Kettle chips – sweet and salty flavor


2 thoughts on “I did it anyway.

  1. I hear you about the sore throat! I had one (and a horrible cold) earlier this week, and was unable to run. I was SO exhausted…I hadn’t been that tired since when I had mono! I also hear you about the 5 mile run…but because I’ve been taking it easy over the past month (way easier than I would have liked!), I’ve only been doing between 3 and 5 miles when I’m able to get a run in. I feel lame when I do less than 5 miles, but at the same time, I don’t want to get injured. :-/


    • Glad I’m not the only one! Hey, at least you got some exercise in!! Tomorrow was supposed to be a 12 miler for me, but I think at this rate I’ll feel accomplished if I can make it through a yoga class! Your right, better to not push it so ya don’t end up injured. I needed to hear that…


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