Yup. Drug myself to bed last night in the middle of movie night because I felt so bad and then tossed and turned all night with little to no sleep because I didn’t want to swallow. One of the reasons our trip out of today got cancelled. I woke up got out of bed feeling lightheaded, weak and achy, sore throat, ears hurting, and nauseous.

However, being the “hippy” that I am, I won’t take drugs. Now, I understand there is a place for doctors and modern medicine, but at this time, I don’t feel like the typical cold/flu is one of them. I’m a firm believer that the cold and flu is completely normal and our bodies can actually heal themselves. Our bodies really were created amazingly like that! It will run its course. Sure, the meds that you get from the doctor might speed it up a lot, but I personally don’t want all those other chemicals in my body causing other side effects that are not even a part of the simple ole cold and flu that I got goin’ on! I’ll take my herbal throat lozenges, gargle with salt water, drink my tea, eat vitamin C like it’s candy, drink 100% orange juice – WITH the pulp because that is where all the vitamin C is – and eat soup and saltines. Maybe some Nuun in there for the electrolytes if I was really throwing up…And if want some “drugs” to take, I’ll send Philco over to the health food store to get some organic herbs or supplements FOR the cold and flu. I just believe, for myself, that the natural herbs and supplements are a little healthier on my body. But to each their own. I’m just stating how I roll with sickness. 😉 (And Phil is in complete disagreement with me, so we are proof that you can disagree on things and still stay married! Unless, as Philco would say,  my cold and flu kills me off because I wouldn’t take some drugs 😉 )

So this has been my Saturday:






Also, in case your wondering – black tea with honey, ginger, and lemon juice is GREAT for a cold!!

And this was the first time I have tried these throat lozenges, and they work! I walked into Raisin Rack and asked for something for a sore throat and he took me right to these. Said they fly out the door and really work. He gets an A+ for knowledge!

So, no long run of 12 miles tomorrow like I planned. My goal at this point is to try to make it to yoga. And finish the whole class! I think the steam room afterwards would be super helpful too!

Running in the rain/mist last night might not have really helped…? But oh well. Live and learn. I’ve decided that I am one of those runners that will run in the rain, only if the rain happens to start after I start running. But if it’s already raining, I’m not going to choose to go run in it – I’ll drive to the gym’s treadmill. (And last night, it wasn’t raining at the time we started.)

And I am also the type of person, who will continue pushing myself when I feel sick, until I literally can’t push myself any more. So this time I decided to take the rest I need early on and just “see” if I can kick this sickness to the curb faster.

Oh. One other thing I want to whine about today. (I just realized this post was pretty whiny.) I found this today:



My first gray hair – that I have found. And it was in my left eyebrow. Seriously? Are my eyebrows going to go gray before my hair?! I kinda screamed in horror and boyzzz came racing down the stairs worried that I hurt myself or was passing out…

Lemme try to turn this whinefest around with some positives. Today I’m thankful for:

~rest/sick days

~chicken noodle soup

~hope in the future

Do you run sick?

Run in the rain??

How do you nurse a cold/flu???



4 thoughts on “1-800-sic-kday.

  1. That was me three days ago. I’m totally with you – I don’t like to go to the doctor unless O absolutely HAVE to. I babied that cold, and just a couple days later, I was back out there, running again!


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