The way we spent Christmas.

Some snip-it’s from our Christmas and the things that make us happy:

The sis brought us DONUTS!!! Wooo hoooooo! And that wasn’t all of them! – she brought some from 2 different donut shops that none of us had tried.



Everything – including the angry birds bandaids and cough syrup – made this kid THIS happy today.



Breakfast casserole.



Rox kept trying to get the wrapping paper as I was wrapping and I kept telling her to get in her bag and this is where she would go.



As soon as 5cent got to the house, he said he picked out a bracelet to give me, but he didn’t realize it said #1 brother. I told him I would wear it because he gave it to me, but he told me he put it in Phil’s bag instead and got me a pen. That says Uncle. I love that kid. 🙂



Sleeping with the minions.



Moms just KNOW what’s up.




I was feeling sooooo much better last night and today that I decided to go for a little run this morning before everyone got here. Two things I learned on that 4 mile run: 1. I need to invest in another GPS watch because my phone keeps dying; and 2. I need to get some hand warmers (I even wore 2 pairs of gloves!). I went to the park not having any idea how far I was gonna run, but about .75 into my run I decided 1 lap around – 4 miles – was good with me today.



My phone died at 1.94 miles, but I started at 9:03 and finished at 9:41.


So. The trail was snow covered with patches of ice here and there. People. It. Was. COLD! My eyes were watering and I had tears, snot, and sweat frozen on my face and eyelashes.


I was literally poppin’ my collar halfway through because my neck was frozen.

At one point, I thought I saw Rudolph, but as I got closer I realized it was just a HUGE 20 point buck.

Now that my run is over, I realize it was a mistake. About 1:00, my throat started hurting again. Now, 12 hours later, it is KILLING me. I either need to a. stop running in the cold or b. find an infinity scarf for these runs!

So what am I thankful for today?

~Jesus’ birth



~new pots and pans!

~my Hus and the relationship we have: (these texts are from yesterday…)





And us being sad over me getting another sore throat/swollen glands/ear infection all in one week:



Hope you all had a great Christmas!! And lots of good food! 😉


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