Still kicking and breathing

Soooo the “sore throat” turned into the cold and flu yesterday right after lunch. At work. I felt like I wasn’t even going to make it to my car to go to home without throwing up. The aches and pains and chills got worse by the minute, so my last 3 hours spent at work were rough. Needless to say, I’m home today and I have been in bed since 3:45 p.m yesterday. 😦 I think I finally broke the fever about 10:00 last night, so yay for that right!?

At least I had a good caretaker…


If you remember what happened when I was off for a month after surgery, you know what’s happening right now. Ebay is getting a lot of action right now…I’m definitely on the hunt for a running scarf – or rather, from the research I’ve been doing – a neck “gaiter”. I don’t particularly like the sound of that, but apparently that is the technical term for the world. In my world, it’s a running-neck-scarf-thingy.

On that note, does anyone use one of these running-neck-scarf-thingies?? What should I look for? I figured fleece would be the best material, but I did find one on eBay that is polypropylene and I wondered if that would be better for sweating? And maybe I don’t want anything super think and heavy around my mouth/face, just something to keep the cold wind out of my lungs?? Decisions decisions. Maybe just both..? Running gear gets me every time…

In the midst of trials sickness, we should still maintain that attitude of gratitude right?! Can I get an “AMEN!”?

~saltines and chicken noodle soup

~tissues and toilet paper (and if you’ve ever been to a 3rd world country, you know that TP is DEFINITELY something to be thankful for!)

~Young Living cypress oil



YOU run on friends!


2 thoughts on “Still kicking and breathing

  1. I try to avoids the cold as much as possible…if it’s not 43 degrees or warmer, you won’t find me running outside (cold temps especially aggravate my asthma)! But good luck in your search, and I hope you have a quick recovery from being ill!


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