Hi. I’m Nikki. The girl behind this little “running for pizza blog”. I thought maybe you’d forgotten who I was since it’s been a few days. Yes, I was still sick in bed all this time. I managed to go to my moms for a couple hours on Sunday, just to pretty much tell my sis and nephew good-bye… 😦 Well, I at least got to spend time with them on Christmas day!

I really thought I would be fine today and make it to work, but nope. I was actually dressed and ready to walk out the door with The Hus and he must’ve heard me complaining about how bad I felt noticed how bad I still felt and told me that I should just stay home if I still feel bad. I did feel better, but had NO sleep last night (actually kicked The Hus out of bed at 1am) and I still felt weak and lightheaded. So back to bed I went for the day. Tonight, I feel MUCH better though, so I know I needed it. And I was actually able help my mom do my laundry and go to Kroger with Philco this evening! I am now completely out of Nuun though. It got me through 5 days of the flu though!

So, in the middle of this whole “laying-in-bed-for-5-days-sick-with-the-flu” fiasco, I think I have decided that these 2 winter trail races are going to be “weather permitting” for me. Meaning, they won’t sell out (at least I don’t think they will…), so I’ll wait to see what the weather will be like before signing up. Yes, I might have just turned into a fair-weathered-runner. Not really, but at least while this flu is still fresh in my brain, I’m not signing myself up to go through it again anytime soon. I’m going to learn to LOVE the ‘mill this winter!

However, I did manage to purchase a “neck scarf for running”. So that should be good. Nothing like stocking up on cold weather running in November and then giving up cold weather running in December eh? Ya, I say that now, but as soon as I’m 100% again, i’m going to want to “try” running in the cold again…call me crazy.

So i’m seeing all these pictures about what the gyms look like in December, and then what they will look like in January…I’ve been going to my gym for 3 years now, so I know this routine all too well. (And have come to hate January because instead of having to get to a class 30 minutes early to have a spot and equipment, you have to get there at least 60 minutes early.)

Anyway, I think these pictures should look more like this.






Obesity Tackled At Acupuncture Hospital




Now, no, I’m not being mean. It’s just the truth. 1. It’s kinda sad that so many have that New Years resolution to get in shape, buy all new – matchy-matchy – workout clothes and shoes and a gym membership and then give it up 1-2 months later; and 2. It’s hopeful for the “regulars” because our routines and times can go back to normal. It is what it is.

Anyways, enough of what some of my thought process has been over the last 5 days in bed.

I’m thankful today for:


~grilled cheese and tomato soup

~ginger ale


3 thoughts on “Re-introductions

  1. Glad to see you’re back and (kind of) feeling better! I hear you on the fair weathered runner thing, I am “getting to know” my treadmill really well this winter! A little TOO well. 🙂


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