The start of new years resolutions.

So it’s January 1st. Er, wait, no, it’s January 2nd. I think. You know when your on vacation the days of the week don’t matter until it’s time to go back to work…We’re down in TN visiting Philco’s fam and after this beautiful, clear sky drive yesterday…

photo 1 photo 2


We woke up to this this morning. WHAT THE HECK?! We came south for Caribbean weather, not this junk.

photo 1 (2)


However, on our drive down here, The Hus and I had some good convo. We usually do, but this time we talked about new years resolutions – ya know, what everyone is talking blogging about these days… I don’t really ever make them, but this year as I’ll be turning 35 and I’m feeling like my life could be almost half over and I should be more productive with the days of my life, I made some. Here are a few “share-able” ones:

~complete a full marathon

~more 1/2 marathons

~try crossfit

~more yoga and/or pilates

~more weekend get-a-ways with The Hus

~plan a vacation in the form of a cruise

~get knocked up and have a healthy, full term pregnancy and baby (because I have complete control over this one…)

~volunteer with my church 1-2 times a month feeding the homeless

~get involved in a small group with my church

So there ya have it. Now that it’s on the world wide web, it’s official and you can all hold me accountable.

Phillipi and I did something last night that we have never done together. We went bowling with the BIL. Now, I used to play on a league years and YEARS ago, but I sucked. Really. And I got worse with each game. But last night, I BEAT THEM BOTH IN ALL 3 GAMES!!! Hear me roar and see the proof.

photo 1 (1)

photo 4

See my 3 strikes in a row!!!???


photo 3


And that’s all for now friends! We’re just down here eating biscuits and gravy, wedding soup, and buckeyes. Hallelujah.

Today I’m thankful for:

~biscuits and gravy

~wedding soup


~my fur kid. I miss her.


8 thoughts on “The start of new years resolutions.

  1. Great goals!! ESP the getting knocked up one 😉 Haha. But really. I feel the same way! Eventually! I also wanted to say that getting involved in a small group at our church was one of our biggest blessing from last year! You will love it!


  2. Definitely try crossfit. Adam has always been a workout junkie but always with free weights. Last January he decided to give it a try for a few months to see what kind of results he would get and if he would like it. Well a year later he is still doing it and LOVES it! For 1 year straight he has gotten up at 4:30 each day and goes to work and does his crossfit workout and then trains 10-12 people with crossfit workouts. He even trains a 60 year old women!! He has a big following at his work gym and even the trainers that work their go to him for guidance,lol! They told him about how the military will pay for his personal trainer courses so he is going for it. Heck then he can get paid for training others 🙂 He is in the best shape of his life and has even started Colby and I on the crossfit kids workouts. It is fun but a good workout!


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