Sing it: back to life…back to reality!

Well, even though I slept in waaaaay past when I wanted to, I still feel productive today and ready to get back to life and a routine tomorrow.  My little brain actually wanted to get up at 7:00, go run on the TM for about 90 minutes, then do yoga from 9:15-10:45. Ya. About that. I got up at 10:23. But I did make it to the gym’s treadmill later in the day. I wanted to at least do 60 minutes/6 miles, so that is what I set the program up for, but after 2 miles, and doing 2 – 1/4 miles “hills” at a 5% and 6% incline, my legs felt soooo weak and I thought they were going to give out at mile 2.5. So I said to myself, if I can just make it to 5 miles, I’ll be a happy runner. And I did.



And I even tried out a new pair of Brooks Ravenna’s. They are an older style, but I’m cheap (kinda) and they were cheap. Win-win. AND they are green. My mom actually bought them for herself (look at her GO with the colors now!, but they were too small so I bought them off of her.)  Epic win. So. At least I burned off the biscuits and gravy we had the last 3 days. Well, at least one day…

finally feel back to myself again, and Philco knows I feel better because he says I’m getting mouthy again. Ya, maybe I should add some self discipline to my new years resolutions?!

So. back to my productivity. I got a run in. And laid in the steam room for a few minutes. Then I actually got ALL of my laundry caught up! Yup. My mom will be so proud. AND I didn’t lose any socks doing the laundry! Win-Win. I need this:


So, got a run in, laundry done, didn’t lose socks, and we planned our weekly meals for Monday through Thursday (another one of my resolutions), and did the grocery shopping. I am super woman!

Now I’m planning out my workouts and runs for the week and will wait to see what the weather is supposed to be like next weekend before signing up for the 20k trail race I was planning on doing. If it’s below 32, I’m not signing up because I don’t want to get sick again!

Today I’m thankful for:

~getting all of the socks out of the dryer alive


So what are your weekly workouts/run for this week??

Do you lose socks all the time when you do laundry? 




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