Life is like a box of chocolates.

And you have no idea what your gonna get in this post…My brain has been going full speed for the past few hours, and I feel like I’m on speed, so I don’t even know where to start!

Ok. First and foremost, I was a disobedient wife and weaseled my way to the gym tonight. The Hus said it was still too cold to be gallivanting around town, but I used my spiritual gifts of bribery and manipulation. 😉 I mean really, it’s just cold, not a freakin’ snow storm! Ya, maybe I am a little mouthy…Since it’s January and the whole world has a resolution to get in shape now, I knew I needed to get to the gym by at least 5:15 to get a bike saved. So I took a little 20 minute cat nap and headed to my second home. Got my bike set up, and since I obviously had some time to kill, I just hit one of the few open ‘mills. Got in 2 miles at least and it felt great!



Spinning was another story though! My lungs felt cold the entire time and I kept coughing up my lungs. 60 minutes complete though and now I feel like a million bucks!

K. I suppose it’s time for a confession. Maybe 2 if your lucky. Which will probably lead into the serious, motivational talk I was giving myself during spinning tonight…Oh well. You’ve been warned.

So my confession: I gained a couple – 5? 7? – pounds over the last couple of months. I know I know…it’s probably all the donuts. But they are like crack cocaine. So. I’m using my Fitness Pal app again to track my eating and lose 5-10 pounds over the next 5 weeks. If you’ve never heard of, or used the Fitness Pal app, totally download it if your on a mission to drop some pounds! It really works and it’s super easy and over time it saves all of your foods so that it makes it very convenient to add them in. Especially if your anything like me and you eat basically the same things everyday…

IMG_2336[1] IMG_2337[1]


Yup, I sure did just show you that I ATE ANOTHER DONUT TODAY!!! WAAAAAHHHHH! This new department I’m in really loves their donuts and I couldn’t say no to a cream filled donut…Hence the reason I had to bribe and manipulate The Hus into letting me go work it off at the gym tonight… :/

But on the real, you can see how fab this app is and it totally works! And it’s free. We like free.

Next confession while I’m on the topic…I’m not calling myself a vegetarian anymore. <gasp!> I know, I know. HOWEVER! I will continue to avoid meat as much as possible and not eat it everyday. And when I choose to eat it, it will be a healthier choice of meat. I just really kind of missed it since I started splurging on it again, and I have noticed how it makes me feel (bad), but at the same time, everything in moderation eh?! So, 2, maybe 3 times a week, if I want it, I’ll have it gosh darn it!

Well, those were painless!

K. So on those notes, I want to encourage you to practice “failing forward”. Yes, it’s the title of a book that is really good. But as I was talking to myself in spinning tonight and being a little bummed about gaining a couple pounds, it made me start thinking: we will all fail. Let me repeat that: we. will. all. fail. At one point or another, we are going to fail at something. It is inevitable. It may be a diet (which I hate that term!), or in a job, or a relationship, or hobbies…anything! But you know what? That doesn’t make you a failure. It doesn’t define you. And it sure as heck shouldn’t hold you back from going for it – or something else – again! Failures teach us a multitude of things about ourselves, what we’re made of, and our true character. How we react and respond to those failures tells us and the world who we really are. Do we crumble and fall because we are weak? Or do we stand up taller, learn from the failure, learn something about ourselves, and keep going forward because we. are. strong!

My fluctuating weight my whole life, my eating habits, my relationships, my jobs, school, and just life in general have made me feel like a failure numerous times. But you know what, it’s all just a roller coaster. As cliche as that is. It really is! Everything is so up and down that there is no reason we need to stay feeling like failures and live with our heads hanging down in shame! PICK YOSELF UP AND MOVE ALONG!!! You ARE capable of changing your life. Your future. Your weight. Your health. Your relationships. This is one of the many reasons I started blogging – and one of the reasons I follow some of the blogs I do! – because I want to encourage YOU to keep moving forward even when you feel like you have failed. We are all just human after all and it’s not about competing with the person on the spinning bike next to you, it’s about competing with yourself. Learn your own body and what you are capable of (your capable of more than you think…) and do what works for YOU to be healthy and balanced!

K. That got deep! Whew!

Anyways, to go along with being motivated, here’s a little motivational quote for ya – because I love me some quotes!

“There are times when it is better to do something, rather than continue doing nothing!”

Hey look! I got my running “scarf”!




2 thoughts on “Life is like a box of chocolates.

  1. This post was perfect for me because of the kind of day I had. I had an emotional and exhausting day at work, and knew that I would need a run to make me feel better when I got home. Only I was so exhausted by the end of the day that all it took was my husband to say he had dinner in the oven when I called him to tell him I was coming home. I gave my motivation one last try, but when he said, “Can’t we have one meal together that doesn’t revolve around your running schedule?” Ouch. That was all it took for me to decide to wait until tomorrow to run (I had just taken a rest day yesterday, so I was REALLY disappointed in myself for giving in). And then I fell further down the rabbit hole by stress eating with a lot of chocolate. End of story!


    • Awww! I’ve been in your shoes friend! I hate hearing it at the time, but there is always tomorrow! 🙂 As much as we NEED running in our lives, spouses should come first! And boy do they like to hit ya where it hurts! 😉 Your still a runner!


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