Chew on this.

I’m starting one of my new years resolutions tonight y’all! So I made it a rest day and have been reading a little of Kara Gouchers book before I head out the door in a few. So I wanted to share something I just read because doing more yoga is another one of my goals for the year…

“You already know how great yoga is for building strength and flexibility. Recent research has found that it does an incredible number of other things as well, including improving balance (I need help here), decrease pain in seniors, reduce menopausal symptoms (hallelujah thank you Jesus), and boost energy levels. What’s more, it could play a key role in your weight-control efforts, thanks to its ability to reduce stress. (You would be amazed at how much stress can cause weight gain!) Researchers have found that lowering your stress can decrease high-fat and high-sugar cravings.”

So there ya have it. We should all do more yoga. Whether we are runners or not!

One more thing I wanted to point out that you may have already noticed. The new ‘blogroll tab’. For more inspiration, recipes, workouts, and tips, I approve these bloggers. 🙂

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Thankful today for:
~above -9 temps! And 50 this weekend!
~fuzzy socks


2 thoughts on “Chew on this.

  1. I’m with you 100%, yoga is awesome! Last year I did more yoga than ever, and I want to keep it going this year and practice it even more. One thing I’ve found that helps with increasing my yoga and making it more of a frequent thing is to remember that I have a bunch of options of how I want to practice — go to a class, do a DVD at home, follow a YouTube video, or just play around and do my own thing. It all counts and makes me feel great!

    And thanks so much for including me in your blogroll!


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