60 miles and Philco lost his title

60 miles. Did I run that??? Heck to the no. But apparently that is what my planned 6 (SIX) mile run is going to feel like tomorrow after tonight’s strength class…If your the prayin’ kind, say a few for me. During our warm up tonight – which was pretty much all squats and lunges, Alexander asked if I was planning on running tonight. Tonight?! No. I plan nothing else for Thursdays! Then he asked if I was running tomorrow and I couldn’t lie…I had literally just decided today – and wrote it on my calendar – that I would run 6 miles tomorrow. I was then “encouraged” with that evil laugh of his, along with, “Good luck with that! Your 6 miles is going to feel like 60 miles!” Well. Thankyouverymuchsir, you just became The. Meanest. My Hus used to be The. Meanest. But not anymore.

So, after 60 minutes of squats and lunges – with and without weights – push-ups, a shoulder workout from hell that already has my muscles bulging, and hearing him ask me 10 times throughout the class, “6 miles right?”, I now am kinda scared about this little 6 mile run I have planned for tomorrow. My mom just looked at me and laughed and was like, “Now you have to run it!” Ya. You know that run is going to need celebrated with pizza…




Fingers crossed, as long as the forecast is still calling for 39 degrees and SUNNY on Sunday, I’m signing up tomorrow for the Rocks and Roots 20k (12 miles) Sunday morning! Last night as I was walking to my car, I slipped on the ice and splattered myself on the ground – mainly my left knee to be exact – but it’s not gonna stop me! It’s hurting something fierce, but ain’t no bruised up knee holding me back if the weather is gonna be as nice as it looks like!

I am thankful today for:

~this quote, “Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.” by Ihavenoidea

~peace and excitement about whatever my unknown future holds…

Anyone else besides Jinxy Jen start any marathon training?? 

When is your next marathon/half/5K/10K/50K/triathlon planned???



4 thoughts on “60 miles and Philco lost his title

  1. Ok it’s official, I guess I’m gonna have to make pizza tomorrow night after my 5-mile run! I’m gonna try making a homemade (semi) healthy one, though, because I haven’t been too good with the healthy eating.
    Marathon training started in November for me, with a brief hiatus because I was sick. Sunday is my long run day @ 8 miles – just about a third of the way there!


      • I haven’t actually signed up for my first marathon yet. I have one in mind for May, but my sister is getting married and her fiance’s aunt is planning a shower for her. I don’t want to spend all that money on a marathon, get all excited for it, and then not be able to run in it because I have to go to her wedding shower. That one is called the Maine Coast Marathon in Kennebunkport, ME. If I don’t do that one, I’ll run the Newport Marathon in Newport, RI in October. I’d love to do both, but between my sister’s wedding and my work schedule (I do have to work on the weekends sometimes), it’s really difficult for me to plan races!


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