Never have I ever…

Never have I ever had calves as sore as they are today from my trail race yesterday!!! Stairs were not happening today!

I wasn’t thinking at all about seeing the race results from yesterday because I knew I was slow being my first trail run and all, but when they posted them last night, I saw that in the 10k group, I came in 39th out of 120 girls, and 103rd out of 210 guys and girls combined. I’m not depressed about that at all! There were over 400 runners between all the divisions, and I even noticed quite a few 15-17 year olds that ran it and a 9 year old! I love that and I hope that’s my kid one day! Found out today that they may move the February 9th race to the snowmobile trail instead since we kinda destroyed their bike path… :-\  oops.

I was hoping to go to either spinning or a strength class tonight but these calves would have never made it.

Something to chew on this week from Kara Gouchers book: “You must always realize one thing. In every little village in the world there are great potential champions who only need motivation, development, and good exercise evaluation. ~Arthur Lydiard…I (Kara) love this quote because I love the idea that it doesn’t matter where you come from, you have the potential to be great.”

So true and don’t you forget it!!


2 thoughts on “Never have I ever…

  1. Awesome job on your trail run! You’ve inspired me – there is a 10-mile trail run that is literally held in my backyard every year (I think in September… It’s either September or August…), and I’m always too chicken to try doing it. Maybe I’ll do it this year (as long as it doesn’t interfere with my anniversary/vacation to New Hampshire)!


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