Relieving the pain.

Well friends, my calves didn’t feel any better today, but I figured one day of “rest” yesterday was enough. For me, if I’m sore, it just means I need another workout to stretch out the sore muscles and make me forget the pain by causing pain in other areas. True story.
So it was spinning tonight! It was tough but I’m a survivor. I just tried not to “let up” so that I didn’t have the pain of stopping and going. I think my calves will thank me tomorrow. And the 5 mile run I’m planning for tomorrow should really help!
I also just found out that my fave instructor is finally teaching a yoga class at my gym on Saturdays! Yaaaaaaay! This news will make my new years resolution of doing more yoga much easier!
The last two nights have been spent laying in bed after dinner with my tablet and my running book then falling asleep kinda early (10:30 is way early for me…) All day today I kept thinking it was Wednesday and when I finally realized it was only Tuesday, I was sad. But now when I wake up I can be excited that its really Wednesday!
This totally happened last night. She slept in this bag while we ate dinner and talked. About an hour. We didn’t even know she was in there til she went to move…

Anyways, enough of my super crazy, chaotic life. Hope your having a great week and some good workouts! Spring is just around the corner!

Today I’m thankful for:

~my sister. And excited we get to take a little trip to Texas next month together to visit our Nana. I think we should go bike riding, swimming, and to DQ for old times sake.

~yummy earth candy!


2 thoughts on “Relieving the pain.

  1. When I first glanced at that photo (before reading your post through all the way, because I’m cool like that), I didn’t even realize there was a cat in there! What a cute kitty!


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