Decisions, decisions…And tickets.

All day today my brain was going back and forth as to whether I wanted to run outside, or be smart and go hit up the ‘mill. At one point, it was a white out outside and I figured if it was still a white out when I got out of work, I would definitely go to the gym! It was chilly when I left work…



But it had stopped snowing. And my final decision to go to the park was made as I was unlocking my front door and thinking about having to run 5 miles on the ‘mill. I got bored just thinking about it, so I knew I had to brave the cold.

It wasn’t the best of runs – mostly because of my frozen fingers, legs feeling tight and stiff, and a runny nose that was worse than a leaking faucet – but I’m glad I got out there.



It only took 2 miles for the feeling to come back into my fingers.



And yes, my calves feel MUCH better today! I knew spinning would help last night! Now I just need to work on this pinched nerve in my back/neck…

So what was your workout today? Have you been braving the cold or hitting a treadmill? (NO shame in either!)

I’m thankful today for:

~having an IT genius for a hubby. Exhibit A:


Type: break fix. Problem: gmail won’t work on phone. Date: 1/15/14. Who: WIFE. Where: home – cell phone – emergency!


Everyday I need him to fix something with a piece of my technology and everyday he tells me to “put in a ticket” (because this is what he has to tell nurses and doctors everyday all day…). So this morning. I put in a ticket! And tonight! My gmail on my phone is fixed! I’d say “for free”, but we all know that isn’t true…  😉


2 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…And tickets.

  1. Yesterday was a rest day for me…but I noticed that if I don’t do ANYTHING, my legs get all stiff (which is what happened when I woke up this morning). I’m SO looking forward to my 5-mile run on the treadmill this morning!


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