January’s theme.

“Happy New Rear”. That’s been the theme of Alexander’s classes at the gym for all of January. (I’m now remembering that he did this theme last year too…). Obviously, it’s been quite the workouts. I have to be thankful for these butt workouts though because it brought about quite a flattering comment from my Hus this morning. He said, “your %&^ is lookin’ good grzzz!”. Well thankyouverymuch. Now that is two things I can’t complain about anymore – squats/lunges AND the hills speed bumps at Sharon Woods park…

I pretty much plead the 5th tonight when I was asked how many miles I was running tomorrow. 7 is the magic number (my favorite number ever!), but I wasn’t about to tell him that in case he killed my legs and I needed to take it down a notch tomorrow! But then again, in my own head, I still feel that competition with myself to do it because that is what I have on my schedule.

Anyways, there were definitely lunges and squats tonight, but I think the arms and shoulders got it worse! I couldn’t even hold a plank at the end for 2 seconds. No joke. My arms were shaking and I had to keep taking breaks by getting into child’s pose. Can I just say how much I love child’s pose?! I love it. But on the real, we did 3 minutes of push ups and then another few minutes of TRICEP pushups. I still hate pushups. It doesn’t matter how many I do, my upper body always feel weak. Unless I’m punching a bag. Then I feel like a ninja fighter and I just wanna fight someone.

This weeks reading (in between reading Kara Goucher at night):

photo 1


Call me backwards, but every month I read this magazine from the back. Yes. The first thing I read in this magazine is the last page where they have interviews on famous people and what got them into running and what keeps them running. LOVE those interviews!

These Clif bars are going to be a new staple flavor in my life. They weren’t messing around with this trail mix flavor!

photo 2




Dinner is was served. And it was SO good. Salmon, brown rice, and mixed veggies – all from Trader Joe’s.

photo 3


Confession of the day: I was devious today. It was snowing when I left work and I could tell the roads were going to get worse if it kept snowing and Phillipi would tell me that I wasn’t allowed to go to the gym. So I left for the gym before he even got home from work and I text him on the way to the gym to tell him I was already on my way to the gym.

Please confess something to me so that I don’t feel like I’m the only one who has issues to work on…



4 thoughts on “January’s theme.

  1. Hahaha I think it’s so funny your husband made that comment about your butt. I wonder if it’s the alignment of the stars and the moon, but my hubby also made a similar comment (to me) this morning, to which I started laughing.
    And btw, I love child’s pose too, it’s my favorite! Does that count as a confession?


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