I now need checked into a mental health clinic and I broke a record.

Confession: I did NOT run 7 miles on Friday like I planned. But in my defense, I kinda sorta maybe have a good excuse…

Reason: My weekend workout plans were to run 7 miles on Friday night, do yoga Saturday at 12:15 since my fave instructor just started teaching a Saturday yoga class at my gym (he usually teaches yoga at a ton of other places, but since I already pay the Lifetime membership, I cringe at having to shell out more $$$ for classes somewhere else – even if it would probably be worth it…), and then I was going to do a long – 10 mile – run Sunday morning. Well! Since it was someone’s birthday this weekend, he took the weekend off from teaching classes. Which meant workouts for the weekend needed changed around a little because I was not going to take a chance on his sub and I already know the Sunday morning yoga with Walter is good too. SO. With all of that being said, I decided I would do the Sunday morning yoga, which meant I would do my long run Saturday. And since I wasn’t about to do my 7 mile run Friday night and then 10 miles Saturday morning, I just took it off. That meant I had 2 rest days this week anyway, which is usually how I roll. <deep breath> And that is my excuse for not doing 7 last night. The end.

Well, it’s not really the end. I mean, I did do my 10 this morning. Just finished actually. And now I need checked into a mental health clinic. Why? Well because it was 14 degrees this morning and I thought about waiting for it to warm up a little so that I could run it at Antrim park, but I didn’t want to wait until noon. And even at noon, it was still only supposed to be 19 or 20 degrees. Oh my gosh,  I feel like I’m writing a whole chapter in a book just explaining all my reasoning for my workouts this wekeend…! N-E-ways! I found a website to download some audio books onto my tablet and I decided I was going to brave the treadmill for my 10 miles. While listening to an audio book. THAT should help right?!



I had my pre-run breakfast.



And let me just fill you in on a secret – this coconut sugar is the BOMB on toast! SO much better than regular cane sugar! Oh, and I had 2 cups of coffee with girl scout cookie creamer. <gasp> Yes, still chained to creamer…

I did the first 5 miles at a 10:00 pace Then tried to get a little faster in the second half of my run, but while my legs felt strong and ready to run fast, my chest and lungs were failing me fast. I had quite a few walk breaks. Drank some Nuun. Ate 2 Clif shock bloks. And finished 10 miles in 1:42 for an overall pace of 10:20. And now I need checked into the loony bin. Actually, on the real though, the audio book REALLY helped and I love John Grisham. And putting a towel over the screen helps too because then you can’t watch the seconds and miles creep by slooooooowly. And on a positive note, that was the farthest I’ve ran on a treadmill, so I broke a new record! I think that deserves a prize! Shoes? Bottle of wine? Chocolate? No, definitely a pizza.



So that’s my life yesterday and today and I’m stickin’ to it. And I’m LOVING this weekend because I have bankers hours and I’m off Monday for the “holiday”. I keep forgetting, and then when I remember, I smile and say, “thank you, Jesus!”. It’s the little things…

Anyone listen to audio books when you run?

What is the furthest/longest you have ran on a treadmill??

I am thankful today for:


~the pizza i’m about to OD on


4 thoughts on “I now need checked into a mental health clinic and I broke a record.

  1. You don’t need to justify why you skipped your 7-mile run to me! I skipped my 3-miler yesterday to go eat pizza with my parents. Oh yeah, and I’m going out for pizza with friends tonight, too. You must have rubbed off on me. The longest I’ve run on a treadmill is 9 miles, but that will change tomorrow for my 10-mile run, since it’s supposed to be BRR! outside. Is it spring yet???


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