Yoga, “date day”, The Millers, is there help for that?!, and some other randoms.

Sunday morning: 1:15 of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Felt the burn in my legs. Still feeling the burn in my legs. Was it from my 10 mile treadmill run yesterday or the yoga? I don’t even know. After the class though, the instructor came up to my mom and I and asked if we had come together because during the class, he had to adjust our legs in the downward dog pose. When I said she was my mom (usually she will just yell out that we’re sisters if someone asks…and I politely correct them 🙂 ), he said that that made sense because we had the same (wrong) stance for the downward dog. Haha. Like mother like daughter. And p.s. COMPLETELY different stretch when he had us adjust our feet position!

So after yoga, The Hus was ready to get out of the house. We ended up having a spontaneous date day and went to lunch and a movie. Can I just say how much I forgot how good Five Guys’ cajun fries were?! It’s been probably 2 years since I’ve eaten them and I don’t think I’m going to let it be that long again.


After lunch, we went to see The Lone Survivor. True military story. Go see it. I mean, if you can handle blood and grossness…

Have you seen the movie ‘The Millers’? If you haven’t, you need to watch it tonight. This is why.


Philco and I have always used that phrase with each other, but in a different tone – gangsta, to be exact. But ever since we watched this movie, we have changed our tone. Oh, and totally add the giggle at the end. No, we are not right in the head and we have never claimed to be. I have honestly been sitting here for 15 minutes now just hitting repeat on that YouTube video and dying laughing.

K. Before I go back to YouTube and keep watching that video (which, I totally think that was P.I. at 15), i’ll move on.

So, here is just a peek into some of the dysfunctional stuff that goes on in our house.


Let me explain. The yellow mug this morning? Mine. The middle green mug this morning? Philco’s. When I poured my second mug of coffee, I poured the mint creamer in and I had wanted the coconut. Philco was just about to pour his second mug of coffee, so I just gave him my mug and poured me some coffee in his green mug. Well, he pouted because he doesn’t like the yellow mug, so he grabbed the tall green mug out of the cupboard and poured the coffee from the yellow mug into the other green mug. Really?? Well, I kinda like the yellow mug, so I poured my coffee from his first green mug into the yellow mug. He was like, WTH?! Then he poured his coffee back into the first (middle) green mug he started with. Follow? So. Does anyone know if there is help for this kind of craziness problem?

And now I skipped cups and mugs all together and am having a cold one!


The Clif Builders bars are GOOD! And 20 grams of protein! Boo-ya! Loved the chocolate peanut butter, and I was nice enough to share it with The Hus.


Philco grabbed some of these kale chips the other day because he had been wanting to try them, but I kept turning him down because they don’t sound good to me. And it’s all about me ya know? Anyway, he finally told me he was getting them anyway, and you know what? I LIKE THEM! They are really good! Both kinds and flavors!

IMG_2423 IMG_2424

Brad’s Raw Crunchy Kale chips – cheese and garlic flavor.

Rhythem Superfoods Kale chips – zesty nacho.

I guess the boy does have good taste!

Do you like kale chips?

See any good movies lately??

Any crazy “antics” that go on in your house???

Did anyone run for Megs Miles yesterday or today???? This is what I love about running.


There are some very touching stories on this other page. Grab a tissue first though.

Today I’m thankful for:


~Five Guys cajun fries


2 thoughts on “Yoga, “date day”, The Millers, is there help for that?!, and some other randoms.

  1. Mwahahahaha us runners seriously have a big coffee problem. That photo you took looks like what my average coffee intake is each day.
    I watched Boondock Saints today for the first time. I actually watched it while I was running my 10 miles for Meg. I have to say, I enjoyed it, even if it was pretty violent! And I have never tried kale chips but I might have to pretty soon, because I ordered a kale salad last night when I went out to dinner, and now I’m pretty obsessed.


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