Bacon never tasted so good.

Seriously. I hadn’t had bacon in probably over 2 years. But the potato leek soup that was on the menu for dinner tonight, had bacon in it and since I decided to eat meat occasionally again, I went for it. I’ll share more details of the recipe in a little bit, but let me just say that as soon as the first piece was nice and crisp, I ate it faster than a dog eats the food you drop on your floor. I even had to close my eyes to savor it even more. And bacon is now on my grocery list again…

Anyway, I was so tired all day today, so I skipped spinning. Which really is fine, because the rest of the week I have workouts planned every day. I actually came home today and took an hour long nap on the couch with The Hus. I had set my alarm for 30 minutes so that I actually could go to spinning, but when the alarm went off, I shut it off and woke up 30 minutes later. It felt really good by the way.

I’ve had this recipe for potato leek soup for a while and just never made it. I’m a good procrastinator in the kitchen like that. I actually really like to cook and bake, but time is what holds me back. If only I didn’t have to work a full time job outside the house…I will admit though, I am not a “creative” cooker and baker. I use recipes. Always have and probably always will. Although that is one of the reasons I do want to take some cooking classes – so that I can become more creative. Philco actually told me one night that he felt he was a “more superior cook” than me. You can just imagine how that went over with me. I think he still wishes he never said that. He did go on to explain though, that he thought he was superior because he can just throw things together and make a meal. If our kitchen is empty and all we have is a box of cereal and some pasta sauce, he can whip something good up. (Yes, I’m exaggerating a LOT there, but you get the picture.) I’ll give him that aspect, but if you give me a recipe, I can whip up something deeeeeelicious too! 😉 I definitely told him that being creative doesn’t make him superior. And between him and I, I had to eat through some of his beginner meals where he put so much hot pepper in the mashed potatoes that it made us cough just walking INTO the kitchen. And then there were a lot of bland meals in between him learning how to use spices. K. Enough about him. I guess I’m not over that comment he made…

So. Made the soup tonight and it’s definitely a keeper! I’ll be posting it – and the garbanzo bean burgers – once I’m done with this post. I will admit though, that I have never cooked with leeks before. The recipe called for 4 leeks and I had no idea if 1 leek was the whole stalk or just one leaf?? I had to call my Nana.  And yes mom, there is a bowl of soup for you in the fridge and a burger…

potato leek soup


You guys, this bacon was SO good! And if you are going to eat bacon, this is the way to go!


Applegate – uncured, nitrate free, hormone free, casein free, and no antibiotics used.

So that was our yummy dinner and the 2nd new recipe of the week!

Another little box at my doorstep today that made me jump for joy.


Again, if your a candy eater, these YummyEarth organic candies are the way to go!

On a completely different note, my butt got kicked last night in that strength class! It. Is. SORE! I had never taken a class with Andi,  and man oh man she worked us! I’m trying to get more than 1 strength class in a week. This is my first week for this newly generated idea.

How many strength workouts do you do per week? Do you take a strength class or do it on your own??





4 thoughts on “Bacon never tasted so good.

  1. OK, are you my identical personality twin? And is Philco my husband’s, too? A) I was a vegetarian for 9 years, and bacon is what brought me back to “the dark side.” More specifically, in a turkey club. YUM.
    B) My husband once made a comment about how he’s a “superior chef” and I went off the deep end on him. Guess who cooks more stuff from scratch? Not him!


  2. omg bacon is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy. I’ve heard good things about that brand of bacon but I’ve never been able to find it easily up here in rural MN.

    I think Im going to end up dreaming about bacon now haha

    (came across your blog while at


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