First speed workout ever and I’m being a good wife this week.

Well I did it. I did a speed workout today. First ever. I mean, in the past, I would do little spurts of all out speed, but nothing like this. And I had to do it on a treadmill because it was waaaaay too cold out – and icy. Which I was kinda bummed about because Meredith at The Cookie ChRUNicles shared last week about an app she found called Fit Friend. This app is designated for speed/interval training, and when I commented to her, one of the employees at Fit Friend gave me a good guideline as far as how to get started in speed workouts and how much to do first. SUPER helpful info because I had NO idea how to “do” speed workouts! He had said it would be good to start with a 2 mile easy warm up and then 4 sets of 400 meters. He said I would feel as if I could do more, but to wait a week and increase to 6 sets, 8 sets, and so on. This info helped me tremendously!

Since I was doing this workout on the treadmill, I didn’t really need the app this time, so I can’t tell you how great it is yet. I picked the treadmill that is smack dab in front of a little wall because I didn’t want to be distracted by watching everyone else when I was trying to run fast without flying off the back of the treadmill and breaking my face.



I did my 2 mile warm up at a 10:00 / 6.0 pace. As I was in my first mile, I thought about just doing a 1 mile warm up, but I’m glad I listened to the app guy and stuck with the 2 miles. By the end of my warm up, I was ready. Here’s how it went down:

2 mile warm up at 10:00 / 6.0 pace

400 meters (.24 – I just did .25 miles for each interval) at a 7:53 / 7.6 pace

400 meters walking at a 16:40 pace

400 meters at a 7:53 pace

400 meters at a 10:00 pace

400 meters at a 7:53 pace

400 meters walking at a 16:40 pace

400 meters at a 7:47 / 7.7 pace

400 meters at a 10:00 pace

400 meters at a 7:47 pace

400 meters at a 10:00 pace

400 meters at a 9:31 pace

400 meters at a 9:13 pace

Total: 5 miles / 50:08

I felt super strong during this workout! Yes, I disobeyed the app guy and did 1 extra speed interval. I may have been able to go a little faster during each interval, but I didn’t want to push it the first time because I wanted to get a feel for the speeds. And going that speed for 400 meters. At first I didn’t know whether to walk in between or just do an easy run, so I took turns and did both…At the end, I definitely felt like I could have done more intervals, but I listened to what I was told and stopped. I have to say, staring at a wall and not listening to music on a treadmill would make one go crazy, but this was seriously the funnest workout I’ve ever done on a treadmill and it went FAST! I can’t wait for the next speed workout. And now that I have a feel for what I’m capable of, I feel strong and confident in getting faster as a runner.



Came home and continued my streak of being ‘the good wife’ by cooking dinner. The Hus made the tilapia and I cooked up some baked zucchini and fries. I made the zucchini a way I’ve never made it before and it was really good. Philco actually said it was better than how he made it a few weeks ago. HA! I made him repeat that statement louder. I’ll post the recipe later.

fish, fries, zucchini

And then he wanted the usual “chocolate and pb”, so I made his “healthy cookies“.



I’m thankful today for:

~Trader Joe’s

~treadmills, even though I hate them and they are boring, at least it’s an option when it’s 0 degrees out!

How many speed workouts do you do per week??


7 thoughts on “First speed workout ever and I’m being a good wife this week.

  1. I usually do one speed workout a week, one hill workout a week, and two easy runs a week (the easy runs are always the longer ones). I’ve done one weight training session on one of my “off” days. I need to get better at incorporating more cross-training into my regimen.


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