A run and pizza on a cold winter night.

Cold isn’t even beginning to cover the coldness we are having! And it’s supposed to get even worse over the weekend and into next week! I really don’t know how people survive in Alaska and Canada and Minnesota and wherever else it is this cold ALL winter long – and colder! As I was running on the treadmill tonight I couldn’t help but think about the couple that posted on #megsmiles that they had ran 10 miles in -20. I just don’t even know how they lived to tell us about it. And they even took a picture of themselves OUTSIDE. SMILING.

Needless to say, I was thankful for the treadmill tonight. I wanted to run 8 miles tonight. Key word – wanted. As I was running, my body felt strong and physically I could have kept going, but by mile 5 the boredom was so bad that I wanted to cut my feet off. Or just scream. I really felt like running to infinity and beyond, but enough is enough when it comes to treadmill boredom. Although I was actually quite proud of myself for attempting to do “negative splits” tonight! JinxyJen was just talking about this the other day in a post, and I had to admit that I have never tried to do negative splits – or even paid attention to if I was doing them. So tonight, since I was sooooo bored, I decided sometime in the middle of mile 2, that I was going to try this little “negative split” thing. So I did my first 3 miles at a 6.1 / 9:50 pace, then did mile 4 at a 6.3 / 9:31 pace, and then mile 5 at a 6.5 / 9:13 pace. I was proud of myself for how “easy” they actually were for me. And by “easy”, I don’t mean “easy”, just that it wasn’t AS hard as I expected it to be. Maybe next time I can hit it faster??



So tonight was pizza night! I mean, different than every other weekday pizza night…It was “try a new pizza place pizza night”. I had us set to go to Worthington to try a place called Dewey’s. It was on my list already, and then a guy at work mentioned it last week and said he had it in Cincy a few weeks ago and said it was really good. I loved how, today at work, my whole group was involved in where we were going for pizza tonight. Anyway, when we got to Dewey’s, it was packed! The Hus does NOT do 30 minute waits. So we were in and outta that place in less than 5. Minutes, that is…Since it was already almost 8:00, we ended up at our usual bar and got the buffalo chicken pizza. Which is actually good for the blog, because we have never rated it with our “5 pizza” method! 🙂 Which is now turned into a “10 pizza” rating because we have so many places to rate.



This pizza is a thin crispy crust – just how we like it! Lots-o-cheese and a good amount of “kick”.

The Hus gave it: pizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizza

The mom gave it: pizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizza

Will run for pizza gave it: pizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizzapizza

(I apologize now, but you will probably see ‘will run for pizza’ giving every pizza a high score. Unless it’s SUPER bad. I just love pizza THAT much that it’s just ALL amazing.)

P.S. This dark, bitter cold weather makes me feel like this:



And now I’m off to pick up my friend, Rachel, from the airport. She is coming in from Tampa. I am still trying to figure out why she’s coming back home….I mean, her hubby is here, but still…


4 thoughts on “A run and pizza on a cold winter night.

  1. You NEED to try Dewey’s. I live in Cincinnati and there are 3 Dewey’s within about 10 miles of me. The pizza is really creative and it’s delicious. They have a fig pizza that’s especially good and their vegetarian pizza (if that’s your thing) is to die for!


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