A post that is all over the place.

1. Spinning tonight. Lots-o-sweat. Lots-o-yelling from a girl that sat behind me. I mean, it sometimes feels like we’re in the middle of a concert while spinning away, but sometimes “you can have too much of a good thing”.

2. This wasn’t planned, but I just happened to look at my hands as I was typing, and they look really old. Do you ever do that?? – look in the mirror one day and think, “Man, I’m gettin’ old!” I mean, I know I’m not old, but oldER

3. Lots of questions and comments about my “run in New Zealand”. That was done on a treadmill in Columbus, OH. At Lifetime Fitness. 😉 FYI – it’s a LifeFitness treadmill. Not sure what model though. Lifetime just got these treadmills a few months ago and so far, as you can tell, they rock. The ONLY thing I miss, is that they don’t have a downhill incline. I actually used that feature on the old treadmills because if I was doing some “hills”, I thought it was equally important to do some down hills too. But whatev, I can run in New Zealand now, so I guess that makes up for it. You may find me in a different country tomorrow.

4. I’m hesitant sharing this EXCITING news with you, but i’m gonna do it anyway. Because that’s what friends are for right?! And maybe you already saw it…Luna is giving away 3 complimentary race entries for the Nike Womens 1/2 Marathon in D.C. April 26th. In case you missed it, here is the link on FB. I’m keeping all of my parts crossed for this drawing!

5. Massages and chiropractors. I’m not a regular at getting massages. I should actually probably get more massages…But I have never seen a chiropractor. I never even really knew what all they did until a few years ago when I learned they are a Dr. that can help you from head to toe. I just thought that you go there, they crack you up, and then you have to keep going back for more. My sister actually took my nephew to a chiropractor to help with his chronic ear infections. He was told he would need tubes in his ears if he got 1 more infection. She started taking him to a chiro and he’s been fine ever since! And no tubes! Long explanation short, Phillipi ended up at a chiropractor today for the first time. (After his scope yesterday revealed nothing explaining the pain in his chest and back that made him feel like he was having a heart attack, they mentioned that it could be his back. He kept thinking it was his gallbladder, but all the tests kept coming back normal.) SO! When the chiropractor was showing us his X-rays today, and pointing out all the “misalignment’s”, we were amazed. It was right where he has been complaining of pain for YEARS. After watching him get practically killed by a doctor, and hearing bones breaking popping, we figured he would try this route before moving on to all the other tests that his regular dr. wanted to move on to. We just both got to thinking that maybe we should start seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis?? I mean, they can help with everything!

So, do you get regular massages? Or visit a chiropractor regularly?? Find either one of them more helpful than the other???

6. Can everyone please start making sure your lights on your car are on when it’s dark out??? Common sense ya’ll! I almost turned RIGHT in front of an SUV because they had NO lights on and I didn’t see them. If they don’t work, do us all a favor and get them fixed or don’t drive at night. It’s just not safe for you or the rest of the world. Thanks. 🙂

7. Leftovers are great and the rye bread with dill that my mom brought me was YUM with some garlic salt!





Today I’m thankful for:


~headlights on cars

~band-aids and neosporin (I’ve been cutting my thumb up a lot lately. On boxes??? and wine bottles…don’t ask.)



7 thoughts on “A post that is all over the place.

  1. Isn’t driving without lights on illegal??? That’s a surefire way to get pulled over and given a sobriety test in my neck of the woods.

    I’ve never had a massage (it seems like too much of a luxury for me) but I do go to the chiropractor whenever I need to get put back into place 🙂

    FYI… don’t ever pop a rib outta place. it’s excruciating.


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