Remember when Clif bars sent me a box full of happiness and love?

clif love


I haven’t quite eaten through the whole box yet, but i’m close! I mean, I had The Hus helping too…The Clif bars are looooong gone! The Luna bars are loooooong gone! I think I have 2 of the Builders bars left and quite a few of the Bloks because I only eat about 2 bloks during a run over 60 minutes, so they are lasting me longer. Plus The Hus doesn’t eat the Bloks because well, let’s just say he doesn’t really NEED them. 😉

Prior to Clif sending me these products, I had never tried the Luna bars, Builders bars, OR the Bloks. I know. And I considered myself a loyal and dedicated Clif customer. I have been so addicted to the regular bars and the Mojo bars for the last 3 years, that that was all I ever bought! And I hadn’t even tried all the flavors! After trying some new ones finally, I found 2 new “addictions” that will be making their way into my grocery bag from now on.

clif 2 faves

Luna Chocolate dipped coconut and Clif sierra trail mix

Don’t misunderstand me though – I’m still in love with the chocolate coconut and the white chocolate macadamia! It just means that I will start eating a different kind every day of the week.

clif 1

I didn’t get a picture of the Maple Nut bar, but that was another FAVE! And the carrot cake. And the blueberry crisp. And oatme – Heck, I love ’em all.

Usually I’m not a fan of fruity dessert stuff, but I tried this chocolate cherry one today and it was actually pretty good! I haven’t decided if it will be one that I will buy all the time, but I may buy one just to try it again…


I love that all the Clif bars have a good amount of protein too. 20 grams in the Builders bars; 12 grams in the Luna bars; and the regular Clif bars have about 7-9 grams in them. I did really like the Builders bars too! The mint of course was my fave! These will be good for longer workouts for sure.

clif builders



And last but not least, the Bloks. I’m SO glad they sent me some of these to try because now I can rotate my running gummies! There are a LOT of different flavors and different “enhancements” like 1/2 a shot of coffee, cramp buster, and extra caffeine. So far, I love all the flavors I have tried – citrus, black cherry, and….I think it was orange? Anyway, they were all 3 good flavors. And they did not upset my stomach like some sport gummies have done in the past.

clif bloks


The only difference with these than some other gummies I eat, is these are bigger and you have to bite them in half. Which isn’t bad if your coordinated while you run. I’m not saying I’m not coordinated, but I’m not the greatest at coordination while running, biting, and chewing either…

Oh, and this one wasn’t in the box they sent me, but they randomly have “holiday flavors” and of course they must be eaten while they are being sold for the season!



So yes, I approve all bars and bloks Clif. You can trust the ingredients in them and trust that they will be GOOD. And it never hurts that they offer so many different kinds – Builders, Mojo, Bar – and so many different flavors in each.

So what is your favorite Clif bar?? Ever try the Bloks?

(I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own because I just really love Clif! 🙂 )


5 thoughts on “CLIF LOVE!!!

    • Ooo I’ll have to try those 2 flavors of Luna!! So the Clif bars have gluten, but the Luna bars do not?! I’m starting my research on gluten and wheat…i’m so blind when it comes to gluten and wheat.


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