Getting abused in boxing.

My old looking hands might have some bruises on my knuckles tomorrow. Cool huh? Ya, bruises from boxing are like trophies. It had been a few weeks, months?, since I’ve been to boxing and boy did I feel it tonight! It probably didn’t help though that when Alexander found out I wasn’t running tomorrow, he realized he could abuse me in boxing tonight…As much as I kinda think it would be fun to get in a real fight, I’m glad it was just a bag tonight. (And no, I probably would NOT actually fight someone even though I THINK I want to. I mean, unless someone drugged my Hus and was beating him up. Or someone was stealing my fur kid. Then I will fight you like we were in Hunger Games.)

I just try to act all bad@$& sometimes…


Backstage, I couldn’t help laughing at myself TRYING to look tough…

boxing laugh

Our boxing “routine” got a little overhaul recently…I’ve been taking his boxing classes for 2.5 years and he threw in some different routines tonight. For one thing, instead of ONE (1) set of burpees that lasted like 15 minutes (totally an exaggeration…), there were TWO (2!!!!!!) sets of burpees that lasted like 15 minutes!!! Let’s just say, if you don’t like burpees, you either love them now, or hate them even more.

And I think it is time for some new gloves because these ones are getting holes. But I can’t bring myself to get a new pair because of all the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into THESE gloves…

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the “screamer” was not in attendance tonight.

Guess what?!?!?! We’re back in the double digits and having a heat wave in Ohio!!!!!! Soon as I’m done telling you all about my Wednesday, I’m going to put away all my winter clothes and bust out the summer clothes and flip flops!!!!


(Yes, I’m full of sarcasm. It’s a gift.)

In all honesty though, it really does feel warmer and just having the sun shining today made me a weeee bit happier. 🙂

And now this. Just because I mention that my hands are looking older, does not give you the right to send me AARP stuff. Just sayin’. I do not want to be a “valued member” at this time thankyouverymuch.


I guess now that I’m so “old”, it’s 9:00 so I might as well go to bed now instead of my usual 12-12:30.



4 thoughts on “Getting abused in boxing.

  1. Ok, time to play the things I never knew about you game: A) I thought you lived in New York, and not Ohio. B) I am pretty sure you must be around my age (30) or much younger than me. At least you LOOK it. So why are you getting AARP cards?!


    • LOL ok.
      A. Born and raised in Ohio. I don’t know why I stay because I’m not a fan.
      B. BLESS YOU. Your my new BFF. I’ll be 35 in July. I know, I definitely don’t ACT 34. I’m still in my 20’s at heart.
      C. AARP got shredded!


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