Hot Box Fitness with The Sweat Guru

So a couple weeks ago I got an invite from The Sweat Guru to attend a free event/fitness class at Hot Box Fitness. I’d be a fool to pass up a free boot camp class right?! I was able to extend the invite, so of course my mom and Rachel came for the sweat and burn…



sweat guru II

No, the other blonde is not my mom – remember, she doesn’t like her picture “on the internet”. That is Rachel, Will Run for Pizza,  and Jamie, the founder of The Sweat Guru. So this place isn’t called “HOT” box fitness for no reason. There were 3 of these infrared heaters heating us up the WHOLE time. It felt like a sauna in there – or like hot yoga! I really thought I would start to feel dizzy or throw up because of the heat, but once you start going, you don’t even think twice about it. You just sweat MORE – which is ok because hey, that’s probably a few pounds eh?


This was our “boot camp pad”.

IMG_2566[1] IMG_2567[1]

It was close quarters in the ‘L’ shaped “hot box”, but it worked and it was a LOT of fun! It was a good, sweaty workout for sure. It was a lot of the stuff we do in our strength classes, but the routine and vibe of the place was totally different. We got in groups of 4 – there were probably 20-25 of us – and each group was at a station doing something for about 2 minutes, then we all rotated counter-clockwise until we all made the rounds at each station. There were 5 – or was it 6?? – stations. At the end, I felt like I got in a good workout and it was nice to have a change of pace, scenery, routine, sweaty faces, etc… The Sweat Guru even brought us presents!




Tank tops (muscles not included, but they were gained tonight)



So. All in all, a great workout tonight at a different “sweat box” with some new faces – and old ones (Rachel). (I don’t even think Rachel and I have worked out like that together before…just ran together…)

FYI, I have come to realize, burpees will never go away. They are everywhere. And if I’m not mistaken, February’s challenge with Fit Fluential is burpees. yay.



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