After a sabbatical.

Yup, I sure did take a break from the world wide web over the weekend! It was kinda nice and refreshing. I checked my mail here and there, but never really actually read anything. Part of my little sabbatical was due to the fact that I had a terrible migraine from the time I woke up Saturday morning, until tonight. Blah. It was so bad that I even took a prescription ibuprofen that I had left over from my surgery, and it still didn’t go away! (And I really try to never take pills.)  I did make it to yoga on Saturday because I thought maybe that would help – it helped for the duration of the class. Mission accomplished anyhow! By Saturday night, Phillipi and I realized that we never had coffee because we were out, so I thought maybe that was it, but by Sunday morning and 3 cups of coffee, I realized that was NOT the case.

K. Enough about headaches. So this yoga class…it was the first time I had taken yoga with Alexander and it was totally different than the class I have been taking on Sunday’s with Walter. First of all, I’m not a pro or anything you know, and in the Sunday class, I always struggle with the breathing thing. I know yoga is all about breathing, but I always feel like I’m holding my breathe during the poses because you move so slow. But Saturday’s class was fast! It was a lot faster than I was used to anyhow, and at the end of the class I realized that I didn’t have to think so much about the breathing because the breathing just flowed with the moves better. I didn’t find myself holding my breathe or trying to get my breathing and moves to coordinate. So that was an improvement! However, I have the memory of a 99 year old, so when the instructor isn’t telling us step by step what to do, I’m lost and I have to watch someone…

yoga cat


In the end though, my body felt relaxed afterwards and I spent the rest of the day feeling all warm and stretched.

Oh, I did manage to cook something new on Saturday! Crock pot buffalo chicken sandwiches! Found on Pinterest here. SOOOO good!

buffalo chicken


(I’ll post the recipe later in my ‘Runner’s Fuel’ tab too.)

Sunday consisted of this:

coffee and a book


And church. And then my mom and I ran to take our recycling to the drop off place. I had so much recycling to take because I haven’t wanted to take it in this weather! But The Hus gets sicks of my little “piles” of recycling all over the kitchen…



(That’s a SMALL pile…It was stacked up to the cupboards before I took it…ya. And I had probably 6-8 bags in the patio…just tryin’ to save the world!)

Tonight I did make it to the gym for strength class. I had wanted to get there at 4:00 and do a couple mile warm up on the mill before class, but that didn’t happen…But strength was a GREAT  arm workout today, so it sorta made up for not getting a little run in.

New week of planning out meals. I’ve been wanting pancakes and bacon ever since I made that leek soup a couple weeks ago and had a taste of bacon! The Hus finally agreed to breakfast for dinner tonight! YAY! Blueberry pancakes and BACON!!!

bacon and pancakes



Ya, I think i’ll just leave you with that picture of BACON + pancakes = fireworks. THAT is something to be thankful for today! 😉


4 thoughts on “After a sabbatical.

  1. Haha, I have little piles of recycling in my kitchen, too! It makes me feel better that I’m not the only one who does that! I just wait until I have a big enough like gathered up to make a trip to the recycling bin outside…or else I’d be spending my life making trips to the recycling bin!


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