Oh the irony.

I could have run outside today. Really! I could have! But since I’ve turned into a wuss this year and I’ve been hating freezing when I walk from my car to work/home, I went to the gym today to get my run in.

And then when I got home I realized how ironic it was that I wore an Under Armor shirt that said “Brave The Run” on the front, and this on the back…while I ran inside…on a treadmill…

brave the run

The irony of my day gets better.

THEN, for dinner, I decided I wanted to try the gluten free, rice flour pasta. Ya know, make sure there are some good options out there before I make a hasty decision to try GF…So I got our little Veggie Patch meatless meatballs and GF pasta…

GF pasta

And made some garlic toast on RYE BREAD to go with it. (Rye is NOT GF by the way…) So ya. I was a real winner today.

I have to say though, you couldn’t even tell a difference in the pasta! Even if we don’t go GF, I would still buy these! The only thing is, you can’t cook them long! The box said 7-9 minutes, but by that time, they were kinda mushy. Oh well. Dinner was served and it wasn’t pizza!

P.S. THESE iced oatmeal Luna bars are UUUHHHHHHmaaaaazzzziiinnnnggg!!!!!!!


So my run today. 6 miles on the mill.

6 mile mill

Don’t mind the ear bud cord flying through the picture…I started out at 6.1 / 9:50 for the first 3 miles, then jumped to 6.3 for 1 mile, then 6.4 for 1 mile, then the last mile, I kept increasing the speed every .25 of a mile. So – .25 at 6.5

.25 at 6.6

.25 at 6.7

.25 at 6.8

Total: 6 miles in 60 minutes (there were a couple walk breaks in there too to sip on some NUUN!)

I felt like I could have gone further, but I didn’t. I had dinner on my mind and was glad to be getting home a little earlier than usual tonight.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I did NOT win one of the entries for the Nike Women’s 1/2. WAAAAAAHH! 😦 Next year.

Today I’m thankful for:

~January being over


2 thoughts on “Oh the irony.

  1. Lol, my husband decided he wanted to go gluten free (for like a day) so we bought a bunch of gf food, and then the same night that we got home, he proceeded to open up a can of beer and drink it, not realizing it had gluten in it. Yeah, that lasted long!


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